Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sometimes A Lunar Rover Is Just A Lunar Rover...

....And Sometimes It Is Something Else Entirely.


If it turns out that The Juice is #32....

Does this mean that Capricorn II has landed....

In the Andes?

(not that I'm cynical about the ability of the proMedia and/or the Law&Order franchise to manipulate the TeeVee cycle or anything)



kootcoot said...

I gather you are referring to the Dark as a Dungeon story from Chile, Ross. I have to admit though, in spite of questions about how the original collapse occurred and why, it is refreshing to occasionally hear some good news of people working together, even if they were just pulling some higher level exploiters' acorns out of the fire.

It does show what people working together can accomplish - whether they should have had to do it is a question for another day. I'm happy for the miners, their families and those who made it possible for them to re-emerge on the right side of the ground.

RossK said...


Absolutely agreed about the folks on the ground.

I was only trying to make the point that it is only a matter time before the titans of tabloid will no longer be able to resist with either titillation and/or trash talk that has something to do with white broncos, even if the latter are real horses that couldn't drag a miner's mistress away.

Or some such thing.