Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christy Clark And The Shock Jocks...The Prequel.


Was Ms. Christy Clark ambushed when she went on a North Island shock jock's morning zoo show last week?

And, more to the point (I suppose), was she made to look foolish because she just didn't expect to be treated with such disrespect?

I guess if you haven't been paying attention, or if you form your opinions based on the bloviation from some of the local proMedia punditry, you might come to that conclusion.

But what if you heard Ms. Clark, not with 'Drex' on a little known Courtenay radio station last week, but, instead, with a fine fellow named Jeff O'Neil and his big city morning zoo friends on Vancouver's C-FOX (Rocks!) from earlier this past fall?


It turns out you can do just that.

In fact you can go and  listen to the entire 'interview' by Mr. O'Neil and friends here.

But, just in case you don't want to be (thoroughly disgusted?), we have transcribed some of the more 'ambushy' - type stuff below.

See if you can pick out the stuff where Ms. Clark is 'shocked' and/or 'surprised'.

Because, I'm telling you, I sure as heckfire cannot.

In fact, it is my opinion that it is the mandateless Premier herself that makes the most 'shocking' and inappropriate (not to mention 'surprising') statements.

Here goes...

Jeff O'Neil: Is it nicer to be in this studio than (that of CKNW's) Bill Good's?

Christy Clark: (Pauses)....You're better looking.


JO: Is security outside, by the way?

CC: I'm not telling. You could have a gun aimed at your head...Even as we speak.


(After a whole lot of discussion about Ms. Clark's appearance and wardrobe choice for that day which she, in her own words, describes as 'kind of a Dianne Watts look'...)

'Scotty': What did you do last night for fun?

CC: (Preamble about having to get to bed early so she could get up to take her son to hockey practice in the morning)....I watched half of the first show of 'Game of Thrones'.

JO: You're just starting it now?

CC: Well, ya. I read all the books! Somebody gave me one of the books, like, three years ago. And I started reading it last year. And then I couldn't stop. I had to get to the...

JO: It's a good show.

CC: Ya!

Scotty: There's a lot of nudity in it.

CC: Holy....Smokes.

'Karen': That's why people love it so much.

CC: 'Mr. Skin' is gonna be busy, huh?

(Much shock jock laughter)

CC: Do you guys...(yelling over laughter)....Do you guys still have him (Mr. Skin) on on Thursdays? I can't listen on Thursdays 'cause (my son) could be in the car...

JO: Listen. Christy....

CC: And...

JO: We have a lifetime password (to Mr. Skin?). I'll give it to you.

CC: Laughter (other shock jocks join in)....

JO: When you're bored at the legislature next year, maybe you can check out 'Mr. Skin dot com'.


'Scotty': Christy, when was the last time you played strip, third person (unintelligible)....?

CC and other jocks: Laughter

Scotty: In the....'cause I know you still (unintelligible)...from the legislature...

CC: Yes. That's what we do. That's why the legislature isn't sitting this fall. (Yelling now)...I just got so tired of seing my colleagues in the nude.


Meanwhile, back in the real world where actual policies and actual actions actually matter....

Norm Farrell points out what has really been going on behind the curtains of the wizards and, dare I suggest it, the charlatans who have foisted Ms. Clark upon us, here.

Personally, I am still waiting for the outraged Op-Eds and pundit-wurlitzered tweets about the 55 billion dollars that we, the people of British Columbia, must pay to have our rivers and streams raped for generations to come (and/or forever, whichever comes first)...

The audio of Ms. Clark with the Shock Jocks from 'The Fox' was brought to our attention by Laila Yuile who has been all over this story from the beginning...And, yes, we were glad to see that, especially after she was on CKNW and was featured in a Province story by Cassidy Olivier, that Ms. Yuile was given at least half credit by another heavyweight of the local Lotuslandian bloggodome.



Chris said...

Tsakumis asks my favourite question about this whole sad, offensive MILF incident involving our premier:

Why is it the interviewer felt so comfortable posing the question to Clark when he would never feel that way about asking, say, Carole Taylor?

Amazing how the right talks such a good game about personal responsibility ... and seldom takes any.

RossK said...


If you have 8 minutes to (absolutely and completely) waste listening to the CFOX clip you will see exactly why 'Drex' in Courtenay felt comfortable asking his 'reader's' question.

In fact, I would be willing to take reasonably short odds that, based on how Ms. Clark has fenced with shock jocks in the past, that 'Drex' may have been at least a little concerned that he may have lost his club-card if he had NOT asked such a question.


Chris said...

Yeah, I know. I listened. Can't quite put a word to the feeling it gave me.

My point was more that the folks who get paid the big bucks to opine on these things, and for their professional perspective on them, and for their experience with the political scene, might want to ask themselves -- and, hey, fun thought, the premier! -- why she invited the behaviour that so "shocked" and "surprised" her.

As you point out, not a tough one to answer.