Thursday, December 13, 2012

Now Here's Something That Might Turn Out To Be Interesting...

....Or, At The Very Least, Entertaining.

What the heckfire am I on about this time?

Why, ...the possibility that we soon may get to see Smilin' Sammy try to rip Little Lord Lorne's throat out, of course.

The Yaletowner has the story:

The rumours are true.

Former MLA Lorne Mayencourt has confirmed speculation he’ll compete against former mayor Sam Sullivan for the B.C. Liberal nomination in Vancouver-False Creek.

“I’m really excited to have made the decision,” Mayencourt said at Yaletown restaurant La Terrazza on Wednesday. He’s “quite linked” to the riding that includes about one third of the former Vancouver-Burrard riding, which he represented from 2001 to 2008.

And he’s “not too worried” about going up against Sullivan in what’s sure to be a close race between two highly recognized politicians.


Very scary....

But you and I both know we will not be able to stop watching.

(and/or laughin')

And, yeah, we chose the 'Yaletowner' to tag because we're getting ready for the coming of the paywalls...Personally, I think it will be boon for Bloggodome...And besides, all the biggies'  best stuff is on the Twittmobile before it hits the corpPixels anyway...Guess the real question is...Are the big proMedia organs different enough that people will pay for them?...Will be interesting to see...



West End Bob said...

Love to see a debate between those two, RossK.

Would make for some drama no doubt, as they can both get a little "testy" at times . . . .

e.a.f. said...

This should be entertaining. I'd love to watch the meeting on this. I do hope someone keeps us "informed" & entertained.

As to those paywalls on newspapers, I won't pay. There isn't anything interesting or new in the papers. I can go to Huffington Post, blogs, local papers, T.V., radio, foreign newspapers. The list is endless & they are all free.

There is nothing in the Canadian papers which make them worth reading. They are mostly propaganda sheets for the right wingers & 1%ers. I haven't seen them report on anything really serious for yrs. The days of great newspaper columnists are gone & the papers themselves are more interested in selling advertising to their friends corporations. Beyond the sports pages there isn't anything.

Anonymous said...

Very true Bob.

There is no longer any such thing anymore as, good honest journalism and reporting. That's exactly what the media are these days, propaganda machines for corrupt governments and politicians. The media are a total disgraceful shame to their professions.

I canceled my newspapers long ago.

RossK said...


Debate?....Hmmmm....More like 'Family Feud', I reckon...Although, it's not entirely clear who would play the part of Richard Dawson...Hey!...I know.....How about FLee?


I'm kind of looking forward to the paywall experiment, for all kinds of reasons, some of them selfish....Where I think it could get really interesting (and potentially positive) is if the shrinking content pool forces the aggregators to actually start paying their writers when they just can't swipe everything anymore....