Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This Day In Snookland...Of Puff Pieces And Policies.

ActionsHave Consequences


The 1st follow-up to this post....Here.
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First the puff-piece, courtesy Tyler Orton in 24 Hours:

Premier Christy Clark made a promise to her son about the family Christmas tree back in December 2010, right after announcing she would run for the BC Liberal party leadership.

“We were a little late getting it up and (my son) said to me, ‘Mom, I never want to get the tree on the day before Christmas ever again,’” the premier recalled while scoping out noble firs on a westside Vancouver lot with her 11-year-old on Sunday.

After the pair settled on a two-metre tall tree well in advance of Dec. 24, Clark let it slip she’s not a “real Christmas-music person” and instead opts to play Taylor Swift around the home this time of year.

She added there are more than enough holiday songs playing at all the stores this time of year.

(Her son), however, is determined to lose himself in music come Christmas Day.

He’s hoping a pair of Beats headphones will show up beneath the fragrant fir they just picked out...


Now, for the policy.

And I'm serious about this one because it appears to be really egregious.

Furthermore, if true, it would appear to fully illustrate the hypocrisy of this government's propaganda-fuelled and arsenic-laced 'Families First' codswallop.

Here's the deal...

We have a reader who knows a thing or five thousand about how things actually work in Christy Clark's 'Ministry of Children and Family Development'.

You know that Ministry, right?

It's the one that is supposed to help those amongst us that really need our help most.

Like, say, those really, really unfortunate kids who, through absolutely no fault of of their own, are taken into the government's care.

I'm talking about kids who are really, really in a tough place.

Specifically, those kids in the province's care who don't even have foster homes yet.


Imagine being one of those kids at this time of the year.

Or, imagine one of your own kids being one of those kids.


Once you've imagined all those kids (and there are a lot of them), wouldn't you want to do a little something for them if you were a front-line MCFD worker right about now?

Like, say, buy them a small present for Christmas - even if it was nothing more than a Taylor Swift album?

You bet you would.

And, as you might expect, buying such small gifts (total cost under $50) has been a longstanding practice at the MCFD.

Until, we have been told, this year.


In the wake of all the money that has been completely and disgustingly wasted on Snooklandian propaganda and ad-buys in the last year ($64 million and counting!) we have two simple questions for Premier Christy Clark and her Minister of Children and Family Development Stephanie Cadieux:

Question #1: Have social workers in the MCFD been told they are not allowed to purchase Christmas gifts for the children and youth in government care? 

Question #2:
Is it true that social workers who have already bought gifts for children and youth in government care are being told to return those gifts?

Of course, we have a third question for Ms. Clark and Ms. Cadieux if the answer to either of the questions above is 'yes'.

Which is...

How, exactly, do either of you sleep at night?

Please note....I removed the Premier's son's given name from the puff-piece quoted above...Why?....Well, unlike his mother (and/or her handlers) I did not wish to sully the poor kid's good name any further...How did I come to such a conclusion about Mom and/or handlers?....Well....I'm pretty sure the reporter, Mr. Orton, did not come up with the 'angle' for this particular pint-sized particle of puff-piecery on his own....Especially given that there just happened to be a photographer there and everything at the exact moment said tree was being picked out....If I'm wrong about that (Women4Christy!...Gender splits!)...I would be most happy to stand corrected...
Stay tuned for more questions, from another reader in the know, about the hypocrisy of Ms. Clark's 'anti-bullying' propaganda-driven promotional tour...



Ron S. said...

They don't sleep at night, Ross, they slide back under the rocks they crawled out from to warm during the day.

RossK said...

Or, perhaps, they do it on the helijet.

Alternatively, when they are (very) occasionally forced to, gasp (!) take the ferry, perhaps they snooze in that always empty Sea West Lounge (on the account, of course) which no Mom with a pram can get into when the rest of the boat is crammed on a weekend run (especially during the holiday season).


Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised at Christy, the x-mas scrooge?

Campbell took pride in having, the lowest minimum wage in Canada of $8.00 per hour, for absolute years. Campbell had the highest number of Children living in poverty. Campbell had the highest number of children, going to school hungry. Campbell gave himself a, $60,000 per year raise. Ida Chong ate her way through, $6,000 for her fine dining lunches. Rumor has it, she has added fine wine. BC tax payers even pay for, nail salon beauty visits. The list of the BC Liberals tax abuses, goes on forever.

Don't forget? Harper posted Campbell as, High Commissioner to England, for doing his dirty work for him. Such is Canada these days. A country rotten to the core, with corruption and selfish greed.

Boessenkool said. The smartest thing Harper ever did is, cancel the National Child Care Program.

At least if we had known, Christy was going to deprive these kids, of a Christmas? I know we would have sent presents, or donated money for gifts.

Children are of very little value in Harper's Canada. BC values our children's lives even less.

Laila said...

From a commenter on my blog, who lives, as I do in Ms.Cadieuxs riding:
"live in Ms. Cadieux riding and I was very disturbed by this news so I called her constituency office. They called Victoria to ask if this is in fact true and then called me back to let me know that the ministry is allowing the purchase of gifts"

RossK said...


Is that a change from what they were doing before?


Chris said...

Oh, I love the bit about how the premier is a Taylor Swift fan.

I guess it would be wrong to organize flash mobs to show up at every single one of her campaign appearances and have them sing "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"... right?

RossK said...


Very, very, very wrong...