Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Railgate Affidavit Rebound....Just How 'Senior' Is Mr. Butler When It Comes To The 'Indemnity'


Lotsuland's ultimate freelancer, Bob Mackin, has weighed in on the patently false affidavit file.

You know, the one in which government lawyer, Mr. Richard Butler, suddenly reversed himself when he filed a new affidavit in BC Supreme Court this week which said that a previous affidavit about the 'indemnity' deal that ended the BC Rail trial in 2010 was actually all wrong.

Here is Mr. Mackin quoting Mr. John Van Dongen, the (now) independent MLA who has been granted intervener status in the latest post-trial twist in the case:

..."Here we are right near the end of a case, we've had five days of hearings, virtually finished argument, just getting into reply, the final stage of the case," van Dongen told me (Mackin) outside the Law Courts. "The senior lawyer in government involved in all the indemnity files tables an affidavit saying 'I made a mistake in the previous affidavit,' and points out he was relying on his memory, didn't check the documents before they went out and realized there was obviously a significant misstatement in the earlier affidavit...

Hang on a second there.

Did Mr. van Dongen say that Mr. Butler is the 'senior lawyer in government involved in all the indemnity files'?


Does that mean, perhaps (i.e. just maybe?) that Mr. Butler himself had a hand in the putting together  the indemnity 'agreement' that stopped the Railgate trail in its tracks just as Gary Collins was about to take the stand?

And, further, if Mr. Butler did, indeed, have a hand in such an 'agreement' is it possible that that particular hand was actually holding a pen at the time?

And, for the record, it is now the 2nd day after the false affidavit matter was raised in open court...And still, the only proMedia mention I can find is the original story filed by Mark Hume in The Globe late on Monday...


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