Monday, December 17, 2012

This Day In Snookland...Counting On The CP's Stenography.


And this time the stenographer's name is Mr. Dirk Meissner.

And the subject is LNG.

Which, according to our mandateless, unelected (not)Premier is about to turn us into an economicValhalla (a.k.a. NewAlberta):

Premier Christy Clark says her government’s plan to export liquefied natural gas to Asia is British Columbia’s economic equivalent to Alberta’s oilsands.

In an interview with the Canadian Press, Clark said B.C.’s LNG development ambitions will transform the economy, but the province must act quickly before the opportunity evaporates like gas into the atmosphere.

Clark, who has spent the last year describing her “bold” and “audacious” plan to turn B.C. into Canada’s job-creation engine, said British Columbians will still be cashing in on the benefits of LNG exports 50 years from now.

“Think about it in these terms: What oil has been to Alberta since the 1970s-’80s is what LNG is going to be for British Columbia, nothing less than that,” said Clark.

“Energy output from LNG will likely be as big as the total energy output today from the oilsands,” she said.

Now, first there is the codswallop, unchallenged, in the assertions by Ms. Clark that are laughable in the extreme.

But on the bigger point...


Is that what The Snook would have us aspire to now, at all costs....

Becoming an undiversified, yo-yo economy built on petro-dollars?




Grant G said...

And right on cue, here comes the validators..

Read this article very carefully, it promotes and spins like a top and at the same time it tells BCers that there is zero LNG royalty money accruing until 2025 and beyond!

Hang in there baby,

Scott Simpson was/used to be so very articulate and honest on the energy file, Vancouver Sun have snipped his balls and neutered him.

Simpson must be wondering why he wasted money taking journalism classes!

Grant G said...

RossK said...

Thanks Grant.


Norm Farrell said...

Royalties? We don't need those; they would make these projects uneconomic.

As would paying market price for vast quantities of electricity needed for liquefaction.

So, taxpayers will pay 10 or 15 billion dollars for the power needed by the first multinational energy companies that want to ship LNG to Asia.

BTW, they'll also ship the revenues to their favourite no-tax jurisdiction. They'll pay little for electricity, little for the gas and nothing in corporate income tax.

A few people will gain employment but the number will be nothing like what it could be if we used these resources here.

Anonymous said...

When a politician says "but we must act quickly before the opportunity evaporates" about natural resources, we know there is a secret agenda.
"Act quickly" means that they get their share before the May 2013 election.
The public's response to those words must always be "slow down, I want to get a closer look at the details."