Friday, December 28, 2012

The Doubling-Back Of Standards.


Is Ms. Christy Clark unaware of the things that morning-zoo radio shock-jocks do?

As Laila Yuile points out, the answer is clearly....


In fact, as Laila also points out, Ms. Clark has even been a willing contributor to the prurience that pervades such aural palaces of poop-flinging in the past. 


All this sudden concern from the local proMedia about how the mandateless (but Manswers lovin') Premier was ambushed and treated poorly by a lowly shock-jock up in Courtenay last week, seems misplaced to me.

Especially in the wake of Postmedia's 'Vixenification' of Ms. Clark that garnered nary a peep from the guardians of the Premier's honour previously.


Laila also points out that, as she was told by the shock jock in question, it was Ms. Clark's most knowledgable handlers who facilitated the lates most 'shocking' of interviews...Kind of makes one go hmmmmmmmm....


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Anonymous said...

Here's David Obee's gynecology picture, and after he talks about his precious Christy Clark.