Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sometimes A Memo Is Just A Memo...

...And Sometimes It Is Worth Less Than Zero.

To wit, the Campbell-Clark government's recent missive that the line must be held on spending at all costs.

Writing in The Globe, Justine Hunter lays out the many, many ways this has been ignored, mostly for useless stuff that, for all intents and purposes, are nothing more than BC Liberal propaganda campaigns paid for by you and me.

Here are just a couple of them:

...Jobs Minister Pat Bell didn’t get the memo. His shop is spending $11-million this year telling people, again, that his government has a jobs strategy.

Ben Stewart, Minister of Citizens Services, is looking to spend $1.5-million on Family Day celebrations just a few weeks ahead of the next provincial election...

But, who cares.

Because, as an Anon-O-Mouse pointed out in the comments, our current (not) Premier is, according to that paragon of unbiased research The Fraser Institute, the 4th best fiscal manager in all of Canada:

Which begs the question...

Who's in fifth place...

Nelly Skalbania?



North Van's Grumps said...

From Fraser Alert..... and Google thinks the Fraser is Flooding, Alert, Alert, Alert!

Over all, the 10 premiers ranked, in order:
Kathy Dunderdale, premier of Newfoundland & Labrador, first place
(with a score of 71.4 out of a possible 100.0);
David Alward, premier of New Brunswick, 2nd (70.4);
Brad Wall, Saskatchewan, 3rd (61.6);
Christy Clark, British Columbia, 4th (60.8);
Ed Stelmach, former premier of Alberta, 5th (49.1);
Darrell Dexter, Nova Scotia, 6th (37.9);
Jean Charest, former premier of Quebec, 7th (35.9);
Dalton McGuinty, Ontario, 8th (28.9);
Robert Ghiz, Prince Edward Island, 9th (23.5);
Greg Selinger, Manitoba, last over all (19.2 out of 100.0).

North Van's Grumps said...

As to WHEN the Apple and Oranges data comparisons were collected, PAGE 2 of Fraser Alert:

BC Christy Clark 2011/12
AB Ed Stelmach* 2007/08 to 2011/12
SK Brad Wall 2008/09 to 2011/12
MB Greg Selinger 2010/11 to 2011/12
ON Dalton McGuinty 2004/05 to 2011/12
QC Jean Charest* 2003/04 to 2011/12
NB David Alward 2011/12
NS Darrell Dexter 2009/10 to 2011/12
PE Robert Ghiz 2007/08 to 2011/12
NL Kathy Dunderdale 2011/12

cherylb said...

And of course, we can't forget our own Mike DeJong over in India to teach them diabetes awareness. Especially after he said not one word in BC on National Diabetes Awareness DAy.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, is pe Jong over there to culture voter relatives over here for May 13th? India's 1.24 Billion should have a trickle down effect on every country, especially one is so desperate