Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How Long Before Routine Hightides Breach Seawall And Bust Jetties?


First, the dramatic pictures from yesterday mornings high winter tides and storm swells that breeched the Stanley Park Seawall....

And, of course, the end result that will soon become commonplace:

...There has been significant damage to the Stanley Park seawall from Second Beach to Siwash Rock, including rock debris and logs on the pathway. The seawall remains closed until further notice between Second Beach and Lions Gate Bridge. Gates have been closed at points along the seawall to ensure public safety. Further assessment of damage will take place once sea water levels have receded.

In addition, there is flooding along the shore at Jericho Beach, and Jericho Pier has been damaged. Due to public safety hazards, Jericho Pier is closed until further notice...

The above report is from Vision councillor Andrea Reimer...I'm only half not expecting the Boyz from Spam-A-Lot to start screaming about how the big waves hitting the beaches were all the Mayor's fault because he wasn't out in English Bay warding them off with his sailboard, or some such thing because, you know.....Snowmageddon!...


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