Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Railgate Affidavitpalooza....The Bots Are All Here!


The proMedia, and that includes pretty much all the nattering naybobs of Twittville as far as I can tell, may not care about the revelations of a false Railgate affidavit from crown lawyer Mr. Richard Butler in BC Supreme court yesterday.

But the CampbellClark Gov't media minders sure seem to.

And just in case you missed it in the screenshot above (IP Address, etc.,  removed by me, btw), the Google string that brought the PAB-Bot to this humble F-Troop list blog was...

"richard butler bc rail auditor"


Guess capitals for proper names are just a waste of time for (young?) Botian types.

Or some such thing.

For you non RailGate cultists out there PAB = Public Affairs Bureau, which was the old Gordian term for the media monitors and prop flingers in his employ...The current (not) Premier changed the name to something even more Orwellian that I cannot even begin to remember...


North Van's Grumps said...

No IP Address provided.....

How about if you show me your list ??? and I'll show you my 16, better yet, is there somewhere we an gather all of the GOVBC IP Addresses, under one roof, just to see how many OIC Appointees are using "Government Resources and Equipment".

My "Sweet 16" is low but only because I've now using StatCounter .... a freebie... to keep track of BC Liberal caucus staff's skullduggery. Funny thing is, the BC Liberal Party isn't visiting our blog. Is this proof, that there is more skullduggery going on that what Martyn Brown say there is happening in Christy Clark's government?

RossK said...


Nope.... No IP (or physical location) provided for all kinds of reasons, including the fact that while I, like you, have a decent idea of who's who I'm not absolutely certain because there are very likely also a few non-Bots who are actually genuinely interested in what's going down who are not 'monitors'.


motorcycleguy said...

I will take heart in your comment that there may be a few non-Bots that are genuinely interested.

Is it out of line to ask for profiling of the typical Bot? I am more than 50 years old, but less than 60. Born and raised in BC (Vancouver specifically). Typical public education with post secondary technical. Still hang around with school friends. Travelled a lot, but like this place the best. Spend a lot of time outdoors. Worked full time (forever it seems), mostly small shops but it has "done me good". Paid a lot of taxes without complaint....until recently. Historically not particularly right, left, up or down but have grown to despise so many people in this particular government and almost all of their specially hired and/or appointed hands. How did the Bots get to be like they are? Where did they come from? How did the MSM get to be like they are (now)?. How did integrity, honesty and true respect for the people of BC get sidetracked (no pun intended)?. What type of person is the Boss Bot? How does the Boss Bot's profile differ from mine? How do they sleep at night? Is there any John Lennon in their music library?