Friday, December 21, 2012

The RoboReal Call Con: Do You Need In-Depth Analysis And Historical Perspective?


Well, you'd be crazy not to check-in at Alison's 'Creekside' regularly.

The other day she explained how, if you are in the CIMS database, you have very own barcode.


And today she really gets to the bottom of the RMG+Nextel = iMarketing 'merger'.

And she brings up an old poll from one of the members of the group that you could, if you so desired, use to help push a big green bus (using the invaluable Sean Holman PublicEye Online archives to do so).

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Want more on how 'CIMS' works?...Well, The Star has this handy-dandy little Powerpoint just-a-for-you...
Speaking of the Blog Crawl...Do you have a site that you just can't live without checking every morning that we don't have up there?....Let us know!
Working on the MCFD thing...Promise.


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