Monday, December 03, 2012

Railgate Resuscitated....Why Is Auditor General John Doyle Back In Court?



It would appear that....

The AG, Mr. John Doyle is trying to get information on the 'Six Million Dollar Deal' that the court told the Campbell/Clark was told to give him more than a year ago.

Yes that's right.

More than a year.

The following is from the unbylined CP report from earlier today:

...The judge already told the government to open its books in August 2011, but Doyle's lawyer says certain files protected by solicitor-client privilege were never handed over, and that's preventing him from doing his job.

Louis Zivot (zihv-it), representing the auditor general, told the court that certain documents are still missing while other files are heavily redacted...


Now, at this point it is not all government stonewalling going down...The following passage is from Bill Tieleman's report in The Tyee from September of this year:

...Basi and Virk are also opposing the auditor general -- at least in part. They have given a partial waiver on access to those documents possessed by government -- but not the files of two lawyers retained to independently review the legal bills of Michael Bolton, lawyer for Basi and Kevin McCullough, lawyer for Virk.

And as always with the B.C. Legislature raid case, efforts to find out what happened invariably uncover yet more mysteries.

One of the lawyers attending the full five-day hearing was Sandra Harper, one of the independent reviewers of Basi and Virk's legal costs.

Harper took the stand briefly to explain her position: that she declined to provide her files to the auditor general when he requested them, saying that while she did not object, Virk did, and so Doyle should seek a court order for her to produce them...

Kinda makes you go hmmmmm....., eh?

Why does all this stuff matter?....Well, because, as Paul Willcocks and myself argued in a discussion with former Campbell/Clark Attorney General, and now blogger, Geoff Plant back in the spring...If things really went down the way one of the (then) government point-men described it, there was, for all intents and purposes a prior inducement for Mess'rs Basi and Virk to take the money and run....OK?



cfvua said...

If there is nothing to hide, why all the effort to hide it?? One more reason for a full on inquiry. Please. Soon.

RossK said...


I guess, until the revelations in court yesterday re: the false affidavit filed by the gov's lawyer, one could have used the old Sol-Cli dodge...That looks to be out the window now....