Monday, December 03, 2012

Eric Grenier Makes Like A Lotuslandian Nate Silver...

...And Projects A Dipper Landslide.

Here's the man from's money shot, published this morning in the BigMo-generating Globe:

...With these levels of support and based on the robustness of the polling data currently available, the New Democrats would win between 46 and 75 seats if an election were held today, more than enough to ensure a majority government. The most likely outcome would be a haul of 62 seats, up from the 36 the party currently occupies in Victoria’s 85-seat legislature.

The Liberals would form the Official Opposition with between eight and 38 seats, with 22 being the most likely outcome. With the Liberals having suffered such a huge drop in support, even the re-election of Ms. Clark, elected to the legislature in a 2011 by-election by a margin of only 3.5 points, would be in doubt...

Meanwhile in Snookland....Apparently the (not) Premier hired a bunch of new communicatory PAB-Botian-types, or some such thing, today...And, just in case you missed it, the (not) Premier is also proud to have been named a top Twitt.....Seriously....Now that's what I call 'governing'!


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