Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Railgate Blockbuster Buried...Where Are The False Affidavit Stories In The Pro-Media?


It is now the day after government crown lawyer Richard Butler admitted that he previously filed a patently false affidavit in BC Supreme court regarding a matter that is completely germane to Auditor General John Doyle's investigation of the BC Rail Trial pay-off.

And yet, so far, the only proMedia report on the matter is the original one from Mark Hume in the Globe (sans comments).

Quel surprise?

Want actual analysis?....Norm Farrell and Bill Tieleman have it...Although I would quibble with Mr. T....This looks like a sin of 'commission' rather than omission...Alex Tsakumis has his own take, and I do not disagree with him that prodding from Mr. Virk and his lawyer very likely helped push the good Mr. Butler to make his 'correction'....The other Mr. T. also has the entire 19 page (2nd) affidavit posted at his place...My original take is here...



Saskboy said...

In the new Canada, any crime by people in authority needs a higher level authority to authorize charges, apparently. The people are unwilling to enforce justice through protest or scrutiny, we're too busy just making a dime.

RossK said...


Point taken...

In this particular case, which involved the giveaway of a public railway, a whole lot of folks have been making millions and (literally) billions of dimes.