Thursday, December 13, 2012

Public Eye Lives!


I'm telling you.

There is nothing I like better than heading on over to Sean Holman's old website 'Public Eye Online' and punching something interesting into the search box like, say....

...Mr. T. Richard Turner.

And why that particular name on this particular day?

Well, it turns out that Mr. Turner, who once ran the BC Lottery Corporation while he was simultaneously a minor investor in Paragon Gaming, but before he became a major investor in Paragon when the latter wanted to build the massive Casino next to BC Place Stadium and thus then called a cabinet minister named Kevin (not Falcon) and, according to the latter at least, said that if the people of British Columbia didn't spend $600 million on a new roof (for the stadium, not the casino) it would be a 'deal breaker', is back in the news....


Because he's apparently still fighting an old FOIR initiated by....

You guessed it....

Sean Holman.

Ian Reid, with an assist from Bob Mackin, has the story.

Mr. Holman's new site is here.


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