Sunday, December 16, 2012

They'll Be Home For Christmas...


This time last year our oldest kid, Bigger E, was far away from home for the first time.

Which meant that she came home late on a Friday night flight just before Christmas.


If you live in Vancouver you know the spot where she came out, down on the bottom floor, in behind the baggage claim of YVR.

Except when she came down the escalator I wasn't there.

Here's why....


How the heckfire are we going to top that this year?

Why did E. have her ukulele at the ready?.....Here's why.
And, just as a post-holiday head's up, before E. goes back to school this year we'll be having a Uke folk-funk fushion-fest (inside, promise!) on the evening of Thursday Jan 3rd...There was a fifth 'f' but I can't remember what it is now....Oh, ya....It's FREE....
But we will have a donation/Zsu-Zsu's petals jar out for those crazy kids of Angelitos Felices who now have a couple of guardian Clarence's who are doing a whole lot more than just watch over them, so much so that we have been told a bunch of them just made pre-Christmas shopping trip for new clothes, many for the first time ever!...



istvan said...

You must be a proud daddy Ross K.

RossK said...




West End Bob said...

No clue how you're gonna top it this year, RossK, but I sure enjoyed watching that video again!

Thanks for the memory . . . .

RossK said...


You're welcome.


Don F. said...

All the best to you and your family Ross k. I'm sure the instruments will ring loud and true and memories will be made,fond ones that will endure.
Love and music together the perfect recipe.

RossK said...

Thanks Don!

And I'll capture it for posterity using my trusty little Zoom HN4.



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