Monday, December 31, 2012

On The Eve Of All That Is New


Just finished rehearsing with Bigger E for our big show on Tuesday.

Weirdly enough the tune we're having the most trouble with is a very old one.

And the one that we are killing actually kind of has a bit of real guitar playing.

I have not yet played 'Song For Beer' for anyone round here - that will be a secret weapon surprise.



It's Seven Ways To Sunday around our house right round now (6:00 pm on New Year's Eve).

E. is a dervish getting ready to go all over town with friends, and even to one friend's Grandma's.

And C. and e. have been out getting all manner of stuff for the last blast of the holiday season, as well as one of e.'s friends.

Me, I had to give the Whackadoodle a bath because she got into a whole lot of dead crustaceanic matter, and worse, at the beach this morning.

But no matter, soon we will be able to relax.

Because we will be staying home this evening.

For a movie marathon of e.'s choosing.

Although I did manage to slip #3 in there (it's a 100 on the Ebert scale, which can sometimes spell trouble, but I've seen another from this guy before, and the Black Dog guys gave it 4 thumbs way, way up earlier this afternoon).

Why stay home on New Year's?

Well, because our youngest kid actually wants to.

And soon she will not want to.

Which is reason enough, reckon.

Way more, actually.

Reason enough I mean.


Have fun out there (or in there) tonight everyone!

Send me an Email if you want the details about the big show...It's this Thursday evening...pacificgazette at yahoo dot the two letter extension for Canada (eg. c + a).


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