Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Big Brother Only Smears That Which He Fears Most.


And they're doing their best to smear  Glenn Greenwald who is suddenly receiving calls from reporters about an old lawsuit involving a company with an interest in adult videos, back taxes he is negotiations to pay-off and a student loan that he is taking care of on a payment plan.

Here's the upshot, according to Mr. Greenwald:

"...So that's the big discovery: a corporate interest in adult videos (something the LLC shared with almost every hotel chain), fabricated emails, and some back taxes and other debt..."

Serious, serious bad guy stuff there.

Sure is.


I suggest that you go read Mr. Greenwald's entire piece for both context and his side of the story to see how it compares with what will soon cascade down, pretty much non-stop from the American proMedia maw, for the next 48 hours or so.



West End Bob said...

Yeah, RossK, you can bet big $$ that the Corporate Media will continue to do their best: Hatchet job on a REAL journalist.

Pity they can't compete on competence and will resort to alleged "dirt" to make what they call a story . . . .

RossK said...


Ya - this is just about channel-changing, I think...Thing is, I'm betting that Mr. Greenwald is savvy enough that he will wait out the next couple of newscycles and then get back to it with something new the beginning of next week.

You happy with the Supremes' decision yesterday?


West End Bob said...

Looks like Glenn beat your prediction by a few days, RossK:

Yeah, the Supremes did well yesterday - Well, five of them, anyway!

If you've not seen the plaintiff's documentary - Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement - it's well worth your viewing time. A poignant story about Edie Windsor and Thea Spires' relationship with excellent photography . . . .

RossK said...

Thanks Bob--

Looks like Mr. Greenwald is just going to ignore the spike-spin attempts.

Thanks for the link to the doc.