Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How Mean Can The Never-Ending Golden Era Get?...

...Making The Seniors That Need Our Help Most Buy Their Own Wheelchairs.

As Bill Tieleman points out, independent MLA Vicki Huntington has posted-up a letter that Keith McBain, Executive Director of Residential Care, Assisted Living, Specialized Populations, Fraser Canyon Hospital And Hope Community, Fraser Health Authority, wrote to the residents of Mountain View Manor seniors home just seventeen days after the re-election of the BC Liberal Party on May 14, 2013:


So it's not just the $25 per month rental from the Health Authority for wheelchairs for the old and the infirmed that's coming down.

In addition, soon many of the seniors that need our help most will also be shelling out big-time to help get Ms. Clark and friends off the budgetary hook of their own making while they simultaneously fork out a little more to make sure that a few well-connected greed-headed middlemen can scalp a little more off the top from them.

Which is a win-win for Bogus Bollywood Bonanza's and BCL-Connected Greedheads everywhere.




Here's the thing....

When I wrote the lyrics to 'Here's To The State Of The Golden Era', a year-and-a-half ago I never figured that the third verse would, quite literally start comin true all over again in the late spring of 2013:

"Here's to the Lies of the Era's Spinners...
In the midst of all the plenty....A decade of children going down...
And the Seniors who need our help most...Get shuffled round and round...
While the Helpless and most Vulnerable are shouted down by Clowns...
Here's to the Land they tore the out the heart of...
Era's Liars find yourself another Province to be part of..."

Gosh....That's some title the very fine fellow, Mr. McBain, who wrote the letter to the residents sure has some title, eh?



Chris said...

It just gets worth.

They've but a great rehab program for folks with arthritis that GF Strong has been offering. Jam packed program.

They've cut a brilliant art therapy program at Fraser Health.

This budget-balancing dance is going to be relentless, I think. There is no more revenue to be had. There are only cuts to be made, and they are going to be made on the backs of people who can't afford them, or defend themselves.

Maybe the poor can all set up tents under the world's widest bridge.

I'd suggest you head down to the Granville Island busker-screening committee for permission to sing your song, but I'm not sure it's the kind of material that nasty politbureau is looking for. Right?

Right? http://bit.ly/11U6XHj

Sheesh. What a world.

Chris said...

Sorry. I meant it just gets worse... maybe you can fix that.

RossK said...

Thanks Chris--

E. is having a bit of an issue with the fine folks at Granville Isle herself right now...Seems she does not like the way they seem to be attempting to 'professionalize' (clamp down on) the buskers down there.

They have also raised their license fees significantly this year.


RossK said...

Just read Chris' linked-to story....

The issues are exactly the same for E.

She is doing her things elsewhere this summer.