Friday, June 28, 2013

Why Mike de Jong's 'Drop In The Bucket' Has Me Seeing Red.


I got a really nice note from a reader the other day.

Mostly J. just wanted to let me know that she was glad I hadn't packed things in entirely after the May 14th election.

I wrote back to let her know that it was close, mostly because I worry that I could very easily become little more than a raving naybob of negativity like, say, the contagonist of a certain middle-period (and lesser known) Nick Hornby novel.

Anyway, J. set me straight about the usefulness of reason and insight and passion and all of that.

And for that I thank her profusely.


Having said all that, today I really am just angry.



I know there are some really big things coming down around here.

Things like the massive continuing overspend at BC Hydro.

And the billion dollar hole at BC Ferries that is being papered over with 'Hey! Look! Suddenly we're in surplus!' codswallop.

Not to mention the ongoing efforts to turn Pharmacare into an unfettered playpen/moneypit for Big Pharma.

And then there is the matter of the real provincial deficit that is fast approaching $200 billion, much of it due to our being on the hook for future 'taxpayer obligations' owed to the cronies of the current Charlatan running things and the former Leader whose Iron-Fist was wrapped in Think-Tank rags.

But what has me really steamed is a 'small thing'  that the Charlatan's Finance Minister, Mike de Jong, described to the VTC's Rob Shaw yesterday:

...“On a budget of $43 to $44 billion, it is obviously a very small percentage, 0.07 [per cent]. If we were a family earning $60,000, it’d be about $42. If you put it in those terms it sounds easy. It’s not really that easy. But it is achievable.”...


What's this all about?


Because of some problems with 'shortfalls' in projected revenues (remember the 'fiscal fairness advisor'?) Mr. de Jong has asked provincial government ministries to cut an additional $30 million out of their budgets during the current fiscal year.

Which means that British Columbians who need our help most and, of course, many of the people that work in those ministries on the front lines helping those who need our help most, will suffer these cuts.

Which brings me to that thing that really has me seeing red...


In the run-up to the provincial election the Charlatan and her minions, minions like her Finance Minister, spent more than $30 million of our money on their own political crap.

Total crap that included a useless dance show where millions of our dollars that could have been used to help those who need our help most were used to pay for the dancers' (not) appearance fees and all the political PR bafflegab that can be bal(l)anced on the head of a non-existent 400 million Tee-Vee viewer pin.

And then there was the total crap that was the stupid useless 'Jobs Plan' advertorial/political spending spree that even the Charlatan herself admitted was designed, essentially, to increase Facebook hits.


Here's my question....

Why, exactly, isn't the BC Liberal Party being forced reimburse the $30 million they stole from the people of British Columbia so that those who need our help most won't be forced to go without?


Wondering about that 'iron fist in think-tank rag' turn of phrase?...Well...It's included in this...



Hugh said...

They say there is a surplus of $153 million yet the total BC debt is climbing at an increasing rate. I don't understand.

I'd think a surplus would go into paying down the debt.

RossK said...


Don't try to make sense of their nonsensical statements and claims.

It will just make your head hurt.

You can only go by what they actually do, not what they say.

And even that can be suspect.


Steve said...

This may sound sycophantic but I read your posts religiously for the common sense and perceptions that enhance my understanding of the political landscape. Really glad you have not packed it in and appreciate the sense of solidarity I receive reading your posts. However I appreciate that there is a cost to the bloggers in time, emotions, anger and seeing and pointing out the crookedness of the ruling party. I appreciate that you have the integrity that his is not just ideological but rather about values and ethics and would be applied to any other party, hypocrite and crook. Thanks for staying with it.

RossK said...


Thanks a million Steve - And no worries about the sound of your comment whatsoever, especially given the tenor of the post at hand.

It's interesting....As an amateur, I have found that it is very difficult to keep my feelings and POV out of the stuff I write. Thus, I am sometimes truly concerned that I am being overly partisan in my posts.

I also worry about losing my sense of humour. This has only really happened once, I think, when a troll was causing real trouble that concerned me greatly because I started to snap at folks who were discussing things with good will (including those who disagreed with me respectfully).

Back in the old days (before Haloscreen disappeared all the comments from the dinosaur days [eg. 2005-2009]) Ian King and I had some really good back and forth discussions about that in the comment threads and once in a pub....Ian's strong opinion was that journalists whose only allegiance is to their paycheque are much less likely to have bias sneak its way into their stuff...Personally, as long as folks don't try to hide anything, I like to know their point of view because that way, if they build a track record for truly independent thought, I really appreciate their perspective, especially when they change their mind based on facts and events.


Bill said...

Ross K!

Since the "Great Downfall" I have still been following but not commenting here. Too much disappointment for the failure and feared future results. Actually left the country for a wonderful walking holiday escaping from overwork and stupid "Politics". Thanks for all your posts - a great antidote for all the garbageand hope for the future.

Re: Norman Farrell !!

Also to Steve above !!! nuff said.


RossK said...

Great to hear from you Bill!

And thanks to you as well.

Hey - send me a picture and a blurb from your trip...I'm getting ready to resurrect 'My Morning Ride' with a bit of an expanded format...And, heckfire!, doesn't just have to be about me and my travels.


cfvua said...

Yes a whole lot of us are happy to see you keeping at it. Keeping the light shining on those that would pillage the place should not be looked at as negative. Ever. Pointing the finger at the truth is something very positive I think.

RossK said...

Thanks cfvua--

Guess I kinda/sorta knew that, but hadn't really verbalized it.

Important to be careful with this stuff, though.

Because, if I've learned anything as an amateur who's paid attention for awhile, it's that the political game is filled with bamboozlement in all corners of the ring.