Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Is The PMO Running A Junior Segretti Training School?



Apparently, dirty tricking isn't just for paid staffers anymore.

Althia Raj, writing in the HuffPo, has the story (with pictorial evidence and everything).

Here's her lede:

OTTAWA — The Prime Minister’s Office orchestrated a protest earlier this month at which Conservative party interns mocked Liberal leader Justin Trudeau during an open-air news conference.

It is the latest revelation about the lengths to which Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office — the nerve centre of the federal government — will go to meddle in partisan politics. Staff in the PMO, who help the party plot election strategy and who designed the first round of attack ads against Trudeau, have also been behind recent negative stories about his speaking fees....


Maybe the 'training school' thing is the wrong analogy.

Instead, I guess it is possible that this type of thing is actually meant to be an 'initiation' right for all those young wannabes.

After all, it's not like the folks running this operation aren't 'organized'.


Segretti?.....A guy named Donald.
Alison actually sees it as a gang of organized 'Fakers'...


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