Saturday, June 15, 2013

Woody At 100 Going Down.


My favourite Twittmachine follower, for now and evermore, is @WoodyGuthrie.

And this morning he tells me that the big 100th year celebration concert at Kennedy Center  of other folks doing his stuff is on a whole bunch of PBS stations tonight.


When it comes to Woody there were no crossroads for me.

Unless you count reading 'Bound for Glory' thirty-seven times.


Truth be told, many of the Woody tunes that are most stuck in my head actually sound like Arlo because that's what my Dad bought for us when we were kids.

Here's my version of one of my favourites (sorry Pops)...

Working on the next Sunday setlist right now...Think it might have something to do with Yearbooks (littler e. brought her first one from highschool home the other day).



Don F. said...

Thank You Sir!

RossK said...

You're most welcome Don.