Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Cavin' Of The Craven?


Well, well, well...


Seems like somebody must be starin' some internal numbers in the face that has somebody else worryin'.

At least a little.

We know of at least one reader that will enjoy our use of the Gee Droppin' in the context of somethin' that actually means somethin' slightly more than nothin' (maybe)...
Oh, and as for the spin to come?....Well, please note that the Wizards are calling it an 'event', not a 'debate'....Therefore, we're pretty sure that some sycophant or other will soon pop-up somewhere (on the SS Goodship Watercarrier tomorrow morning perhaps?) to let us know that this isn't really a caving but rather a readjusting of the format....Or some such thing...


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