Sunday, June 30, 2013

Who, Exactly, Is Running For The BC Liberal Party In Westside-Kelowna?


From Mike Smyth's catch-up/phone-it-in column this morning in The Province:

...The governing Liberals have flooded Clark’s adopted riding of Westside-Kelowna with robo-calls aimed at getting supporters out to the polls.

But when voters pick up their phones and listen to the recorded Liberal message, it’s not Clark they hear.

Instead, the voice on the line belongs to Ben Stewart, the Liberal cabinet minister who stepped aside so Clark could run in a safe seat.

The Libs say the reason Stewart is featured on the robo-calls is because they want to reassure Kelowna voters that the popular MLA stepped aside voluntarily and he fully supports Clark...

No mention, of course, of Mr. Stewart's wife's comments that have since been wiped clean from the book of faces.


Mr Smyth even acts as the willing wurlitzer to crank-up a little 'debate' spin we told you was coming....From....Wait for it....Judy Tyabji.



North Van's Grumps said...

Maybe Ben Stewart's voice will be answering the phone in the Constituency Office if Christy wins.


Anonymous said...

the internet is (in)famous for not forgetting

did anybody get a screen capture of Mr. Stewart's wife's comments?

or been able to find an archived page?

e.a.f. said...

Martha Mitchell, a woman of our times, way before our time! History does repeat itself again and again.

The lieberals certainly must be feeling nervous if they want people to think they are voting for the former m.l.a. and not c.c.

Judy T.??????? what did they promise her? A D.M. post or some such thing. Lets see, she was screwing a married m.l.a. back in the day and now she is helping screw the voters of B.C., well once an adulterus, always an adulterous. You gotta love politics and all the strange bedfellows/sisters there are.

Glad to see the captcha is working today.