Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ian Reid Responds....What To Do About The Polling.


The other day I zoomed in on one particular passage of Ian Reid's magnum opus on all that he thinks went wrong on May 14th:

"...There was no targeted riding polling done (by the BCNDP) in the campaign..."

And here is what I had to say about said passage...

"...If true, this is really flabbergasting to me....Because.... It strongly suggests that the Dipperian Braintrust had absolutely nothing solid to go on if they were relying on all the meaningless gibber-jabber that everyone concerned, including dufus outsiders like myself was watching and trying to make sense of..."

Now, in the comments to the original post, Ian has been good enough to respond thusly:

"...I have two reasons for the focus on polling: Firstly, I used to be in charge of it for the Harcourt and then Clark governments and I'm very interested in it as a way for regular folks to have their unfiltered choices noticed by lawmakers and, secondly, good election polling is designed to feed strategic decisions that cumulatively result in a win.

I heard a presentation by Jim Messina a week after Obama's November (2012) win in which he talked extensively about their polling strategy, which he claimed was integral to their win.

Two things were essential he said. They never - Never! - did a national poll. It was all targeted polling focused on the states they needed to get to win the thing and they knew precisely what was going on on the ground and what they had to do to hold or turn the state. They measured for success.

And they got the turnout weighting right. Clearly, in low turn-out elections, which are all elections now (that's a separate issue), weighting makes all the difference. That was the error of all the BC polling except the Liberals..."

Real food for thought, I reckon, especially when you see how ridings are really one or lost, poll-by-poll on the ground, as the VSun's Chad Skelton made crystal clear recently using E-BC's own data.





Anonymous said...

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RossK said...


We would like to thank-you, very much indeed, for bringing the fine-folks from PRISM by for a sniff.