Friday, June 21, 2013

The Long And Short Of The Odds Of Another Loss For Ms. Clark.


Trevor Lautens is at again.

And this time he's suggesting that Christy Clark could lose her Bye-Bye on July 10th.

Here is Mr. Lautens lede in the Northshore News:

"BLOATED with vanity for having shocked millions with my accurate May 14 election soothsaying, I now recklessly sooth more:

Premier Christy Clark will be humiliated by a very narrow win - grab a long-odds bet that she will actually lose - the July 10 Westside-Kelowna byelection. She's riding for a fall. A big kick in the seat. Little punning there. Oh, you got that..."

He then goes into a whole bunch of reasons why he has come to this weirdly simultaneously bold and tentative conclusion/prediction.

All of which is entertaining.

But there are no hard numbers.

And I'm not going to concur with any prognosticator's prediction about anything electoral in the absence of hard, on-the-ground and, especially, in-the-riding numbers.






scotty on denman said...

Sweet irony should Kelowna's BC Liberal supporters be so confident of a slam-dunk, enough forget to show up at the voting booth and Christy loses her by-election bid. Complacency did, in all probability, disappoint the NDP. It's not something for Christy to laugh off---although I'm not holding my breath she'll lose. Anyways, even if she did, we'd still have a BC Liberal dystopia. Real question is how does she spin a much more marginal victory; what would it say about her leadership? At least she was smart enough to postpone the hefty pay raises until after the by-election. Wonder if either of her rivals will pick up on this issue during the remainder of the campaign. Nahh, too negative.

Anonymous said...

I was through the area recently and I don't think the NDP know that there is a by-election.

WHY would the NDP be scheduling a navel gazing session this weekend?

They ALL should be in Kelowna working their @$$es off for the candidate - and more importantly - for all the party members and supporters.

An election review before the by-election is over is so frustratingly STUPID it hurts.

RossK said...


Don't think Ms. Clark and/or MarkyMark give a hoot-in-heckfire how much they win by as long as they win.

I mean, clearly, her narrow win in the original PtGrey bye-bye meant, essentially nothing.

Regarding whether or not the oppos will go after the paying off of the sycophants stuff...Think the Dippers had quite a bit to do with the playing of that hand in the first place...And this thing with Ms. Cranston yesterday suggests some sort of massive two birds with one stone inoculation strate(r)gy...


Good point about the timing Anon-Above. Hadn't thought of that...Does that mean that Ms. O'Brien's pitch to us for that bye-bye support cash was...Well...You know...


scotty on denman said...

Didn't her original narrow bye-bye win in Van Pt Grey mean her eventual and essential loss of this riding?