Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why Is Christy Clark Sending Jobs Plan Propaganda To Her...

...Minister of Children And Family Development?

From the 'mandate' letter that kinda/sorta/almost Premier Christy Clark sent to Stephanie Cadieux on June 10, 2013:

...Congratulations on your new appointment as Minister of Children and Family Development.

British Columbians have asked us to build a strong economy, a secure tomorrow and a lasting legacy for generations to come. Now it's time to deliver...

{snippety doo-dah}

...To grow our economy and create high-paying jobs for British Columbians, I am asking you to keep your ministry focused on the 'BC Jobs Plan'. Our province is blessed with both abundant natural resources, and the resourcefulness and diversity of our people and businesses. We have a generational opportunity to develop Liquified Natural Gas. This will demand determination and purposeful work...


What, exactly, does any of that codswallop have to do with Ms. Cadieux' actual job, which is taking care of those who need our help most?

Like, say, the adult disabled or those kids in our care that don't have foster families.

Tip O' The Toque to Sharon Gregson who wondered why there was no mention of child care in the letter (which I recommend you only read in its entirety if you have a barf bag at the ready).


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