Saturday, June 29, 2013

Is Mr. Eby Making Good On His Promise In...

...The Letter?

In the wake of the May 14th disaster I have to somewhat sheepishly admit that I took considerable solace from a letter written by David Eby, the young Dipper guy who slayed the Charlatan and her cast of a thousand hidden Quick-Win Dragons.

There's a lot of good stuff in that letter.

Stuff like this:

Like me, in our party's darkest moments on election night, you may have wondered whether the recipe for success in politics in British Columbia involves putting your opponent's head on a weather vane in a crude animation, hiring a phone bank, and calling it a day...

{snippety doo-dah}

...In our riding, the truth telling will start with an effort to save the Therapeutics Initiative, the agency that provides BC's healthcare system with impartial, independent advice about drug safety and efficacy. At a cost of one million dollars a year, it saves the lives of children, seniors and the very ill from unanticipated medication side effects. It saves millions of our tax dollars every year.

The Liberals have cut off the TI's access to anonymized health care data and cut all of their funding. That decision is unacceptable. The truth must win in this fight.

I hope you, in your community, will find your local fight for truth. Because only the truth will defeat the kind of systematic dishonesty we saw during this campaign. And we can't afford to lose next time...



I will return to the matter of the Therapeutics Initiative in the coming days and weeks,  the part of Mr. Eby's letter that I want to zoom in on this fine, bright Saturday (Summer's Here!) morning is the following:

...The Liberals will try to choose the safest riding possible for Ms. Clark, but there is no safe seat for her. On Tuesday, a riding that has elected Liberals for more than a decade, the second wealthiest riding in BC, asked Ms. Clark and the Liberal party, politely, to leave. Others will as well.

Perhaps we will pick up another seat, or two, or more, as our unelected Premier tours the province. We will meet Ms. Clark wherever she shows up with an aggressive campaign that tells the truth. I can't wait to work a phone bank and knock on doors for that byelection. Sign me up...


As you might expect, yesterday afternoon our good friend Rick Barnes alerted us to the following Twittmachine post from Carole Gordon, the NDP candidate who is running against Ms. Clark in the Westside-Kelowna Bye-Bye...

Do not forget, a lot of folks blanched at the thought of Mr. Eby's call to unsheath the swords in the By-Election, including, of course, that fine fella that runs The (nolongerVancouver) Province.

To those people I say....

Marquess de Queensbury is dead.


And if anybody out there thinks that I have not thought of Blogger #1 and his early support/call for the elevation of the peanut farmer after his Georgia Law Day speech, well, ya....(but only sheepishly). 
The next Sunday Setlist is set, tunes and theme and all...The Whackadoodle and I are on our way to the beach to work on it, between stick-throwing...Will record soon (maybe)...
G. Barry Stewart left an important comment over at Norm Farrell's yesterday...It's got me thinking.



West End Bob said...

David Eby Rocks!

'nuff said . . . .

karen said...

I was so fed up after the election. I was never getting involved again. And then you posted that letter and I remembered why it mattered. It got me through that first week.

bcwaterboy said...

Could Eby be Premier in the making? He certainly represents the new blood the BC NDP so desperately needs. It would be the ultimate in poetic justice if Gordon could pull off a win. With a somewhat credible conservative candidate in the running, who knows, he may just steal enough of that good ole fashioned free enterprise for me vote out of the rural West K.

RossK said...


Ya, was similar for me.


Regarding your first question...It really would be interesting, wouldn't it?...Realistically, I think we have to see how he does in the Ledge, where he should have some profile given his critic's role.

Will Gordon come close?...Impossible for us outsiders to tell given that we have not heard anything wrt to on the ground, in the riding, polling.


e.a.f. said...

Glad to hear Eby went to Kelowna to work in the election! Eby is leading by example.

It would be so cool if c.c. lost the by election. I really don't care who wins, as long as she looses. it would be better though if the NDP won. It might give Eby a boast in determining the focus of the NDP. It is clear the current crop aren't doing a good enough job.

People like Horgan, Farnsworth, Heyman, Eby are the future.