Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Did Mr. Obama Just Call All That Is Allegedly 'Ethical'...

...The 'Tar Sands'?

Why yes, according to Postmedia at least, I believe he did:

WASHINGTON – U.S. President Barack Obama declared Tuesday – in a lengthy outdoor speech on the hottest, most humid day of a scorching Washington summer – that he will approve the construction of the Keystone oil pipeline from Alberta to Texas only if the project will not generate more greenhouse gases than would be emitted if he vetoed it.

“Our national interest will be served only if this pipeline does not significantly exacerbate the climate problem,” Obama said, three months after his own State Department issued a draft environmental review that predicted Keystone would not significantly increase greenhouse gas emissions.

“The net effects of climate impact will be absolutely critical to determining whether this project will go forward,” the president said, pointedly employing the T-word – “tar sands” – to describe the area whose products would be pumped south...


Maybe a few folks above not measurable will actually tune in to see what the good Mr. Levant has to say later today.

Of course, if one has been paying attention, one might see this as nothing more than a cynical, and ultimate meaningless, 'It will only happen if all our conditions are met!' PR-type ploy like we here in Lotusland have heard before from our recently elected almost/kinda/sorta Premier...


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