Monday, June 10, 2013

Why Can't Every Day Be Your Best Day?


Back in the days of 'The Three Buskateers', one of our best get going songs was Mic Christopher's 'Heyday'.

And as Mr. Christopher once said, as a response to all the talk about bands and musicians only being  great back in their 'Heyday', he reckoned that, regardless, every single day can be your best day.


Today has most definitely not been one of my best of days so far.

I have been away all week hanging around in a dingy science-geek bunker not far from Niagra Falls arguing and fighting about polarity protein complexes, actomyosin contractility, and the double-edged sword that is super-resolution microscopy.

And half-way through the week I had to hightail it up to Ottawa for matters best left undiscussed, if only to prevent the weeping and gnashing of teeth that will ensue if I even begin to describe to you what has become of our national program for funding fundamental biomedical research in this country.

And now?


After flying up and down the QEW that runs along the inside edge of Southern Ontario's Golden Horseshoe for most of the day getting various geeks to their many varied destinations in an underpowered rental car, I am now sitting in the madness of Pearson Airport's Terminal 3 late on a Friday afternoon.

And, just in case you haven't been here lately, Terminal 3 is most definitely not the new Pearson.

The worst part about all of this?

I have not touched a stringed-instrument for almost an entire week.


The image at the top of the post is of me and the two E's quite a few years ago now.

It was taken by C.

Which, of course, is why she is not in the shot (will have to make it up to her somehow).

Long story short....The photo was taken on one of the best days I can remember.

We were camping in the VW (notso)Mirobus along the edge of a lake in the Okanagan.

And it was super summer hot.

And we spent almost the entire day getting in and out of the water.

And singing.

And playing.

And all that.


I will be home before midnight this evening.

Both E's will be there.

I will play the guitar before I sleep.


There is still time for this to be another 'Heyday'...

The bit of audio above  is from a video...It was taken up at the top of Q&E Park one evening and was sneakily taken by E....I had no idea she was doing it, or that she was singing, really (she was a ways behind me)...I was just noodling...She was really doing her thing.
Back when Bigger E. was still in high school and littler e. was still actually little 'Buskateering' was something we invented whereby we showed up at various parks and lakes and seasides to play our music for awhile....A bunch of our outings are video-archived....Here.



scotty on denman said...

No guitar for a week?...Jeez! I'm trying to recall when's the last time that happened to me...OK, here goes: about 8 years ago I attended my Dad's passing in Kitchener-Waterloo; I left Denman light, no luggage and no guitar, bought a toothbrush at the airport and wondered if my brother and I had grown to substantially different proportions to preclude sharing (his) duds. To my surprise and delight he has a guitar, pretty nice one, too, and here I never knew. Prior to that I think it must have been a few weeks in a logging camp that I'd gone without my ax. The thing I recall is how the old inspiration had returned because of the break: it was like everything I played I just learned anew. So, in that sense it was worth it. But I'm loath to go without. A couple years back I severed the tendon in my ring finger (my fingerboard hand) and was forced to wear a splint for six weeks. In an unrelated accident I suffered a concussion (got rear-ended in my truck) so when I played a labour gig a few days after, in addition to not remembering the lyrics (Joe Hill became "Sam"), it looked as if I was giving the audience the finger (wrong finger, but still...) Amazing thing was how fast the hand-eye found new channels to form chords with my middle finger out of action, so much so that I now recommend intentionally disabling a finger or two by taping on a splint as a kind of get-out-of-a-rut therapy. Second only to going without entirely.

Enjoy your reacquaintance. Returning to the old git-box after a break is some of the most rewarding fun one can have.

Don F. said...

About twenty five years ago I crushed my hand in a work related accident. There was talk of removing it completely as they said there wasn't enough to work with to save it. it was my left hand and I am a lefthanded guitar player. I refused to let them amputate so an oriental surgeon visiting our town screwed the whole mess together with steel plates which I retain to this day. I was unable to play for about two years and it was at that time I fully realized what this gift meant to me.
We have been blessed those of us who share music with others. Other than my wife and children music has been the greatest gift Ihave recieved and I am lucky beyond all else to have it.
I guess if all our days were best days we wouldn't have as much appreciation for the ones that truly are.
You and your family are truly deserving of any and all best days that have and will come your way!!

the salamander said...

.. what a lovely, human random article .. no ! A warm Canadian breeze of a writing .. Yes !! with charming picture too.. ! Of course it includes sum lightheart music.. .. i aint surprised - I'm charmed now ...

Wow !!

Hope I find more breezin finds like this every day ...

RossK said...


Ya. I know what you mean...It is great to come back to it...But I can't stand the missing...It really is like meditation or some such thing, I suppose - especially at bedtime.

I'll try the disabling.


Oh man Don--

That is one heckuva story...So, I guess at the airport you set all the bells ringing?

Thanks - we had a great weekend...C's Mom's 80th on Saturday..E. and I played....e. laid down a great little speech of memories...Then today we played for my Mom and Dad too...All in Victoria...Didn't even mind taking the ferry (except, of course, for the gouging, particularly on that damnable reservation fee)



Will do my best.

I think doing as you suggest just might help me get through the despairing funk I'm in at the moment when it comes to all things political, provincially at least.


I've even got something from Don that I'll put up soon.


paul said...

Did you note that the Felice Brothers will be in your town Aug. 1?

RossK said...