Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mr. Maron's 400 Blows.


Marc Maron's 400th podcast is up.

This time Iggy Pop comes to the garage and, as has happened so often before, Maron manages to get his guest to willingly travel deep into the heart of all that matters.


Maron seems to group these things by the hundred.

And there have been a lot of really, really great ones in the last century, including Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Dick Van Dyke, John Darnielle and John Fogerty.

But my favourite of the last pack, by far, was the session with Pamela Adlon. You may know her from Louis CK's show, if not that debauched thing with that Duchovny guy (you know the fine fellow who hated the rain when he was forced to get rich and famous while living in Lotusland awhile back) and/or as the barely still pre-pubescent Bobby from King of the Hill.


The thing that really got me about the interview with Adlon was the part, right near the end, where she really gives it to Maron for not realizing that the woman he's living with is the best thing that ever has and ever will happen to him.

It's amazing really, including all the stuff about being a single Mom who has teenage girls.


And, while it is most definitely not for the faint of heart (or those who dislike bad language) you can find it all in #390.

Apparently, Mr. Maron is being welcomed back into the mainstream precisely because of all that which has been going down in his garage...So much so that he's scheduled to be on Letterman tomorrow night.
Hey!...Speaking of podcast...Just in case you didn't know...Frosty Forst just did one with Jim Goddard wherein he talks about the current state of the local 'lectronic media.


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