Thursday, April 01, 2010

Casino Royale: With Friends Like These Who Needs Lobbyists*


Sean Holman of Public Eye Online is reporting that one of the principals in Paragon Gaming Inc., the fine folks that Premier Gordon Campbell and friends have fingered to build the massive Casino Industrial Complex in the parking lot next to BC Place Stadium is a very fine fellow named T. Richard Turner who also just happens to be the current Campbell-appointed Chair of ICBC.

What's more Mr. Turner has been a generous donor to Mr. Campbell's BC Liberal Party in the past and is also the past Campbell-appointed Chairperson of the BC Lottery Corporation.

Imagine that!

*And/Or Content Consultants.
Subheader is a reference to the Springsteen song 'Atlantic City'....We are all potential 'Chicken-Men' now.



Norm Farrell said...

So, your answer to the why Paragon question was a little better than mine. I figured you had something in mind when you posed it.


RossK said...

Fair enough Norman - still want to know, precisely, how the decision was made.


Anonymous said...

Gee Ross, could it be that the decision came right from the Premiers office?

G West said...

Like every other decision that's been made in this province since the CEO took over; y'mean like THAT?

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

RossK said...


Without the advice of an in-house ContentConsultant?

Not possible!

(on the bright side, at least the CC's successor has not yet been named a director of Paragon - yet)


RossK said...

Point taken GWest.