Saturday, April 17, 2010

Casino Royale Running Wild....Marathon To Promote Paragon, Mile 5


Inspired by the Document Dump Friday just past, the Marathon to resurrect the all that has been buried by Lotusland's lazy proMedia is now underway.....

(please see the sidebar for a mile-by-mile breakdown of the race to the finish line)


It's Mile 5, and we are now jogging along a strangely buzzing Pacific Boulevard in the weepy rain thinking about what that letter from PavCo's CEO Warren Buckley to Spencer Chandra-Herbert is really all about Alfie.

First some background....

When the Minister responsible for The Marshmallow first started babbling on about the phone call he received from Paragon Gaming Inc.'s Mr. T. Richard Turner sometime last fall to tell him that it would, according to the Minister, be a 'deal-breaker' if his government reneged on the now $563 million (and climbing) retractable roof, it soon thereafter came out that Mr. Turner had also been involved in arranging a meeting between the Crown Corporation PavCo and Paragon on matters pertaining to stalled negotiations regrding the construction of the Casino Industrial Complex next door.

Here is what PavCo's CEO, a fine fellow whose salary is paid by the people of British Columbia, had to say to Sean Holman of Public Eye the day before April's Fools:

"...(We) were expressing our frustration at getting these guys (from Paragon) to the table. And I know (PavCo chair David Podmore) sent an email to Rick (Turner) and said,'You're on the advisory board (for Paragon), give them some advice. We need to get to the table...."

This caused Mr. Chandra-Herbert to ask Mr. Buckley to explain, specifically, what went down between Mr. Turner, who is much, much more than a member of PavCo's 'advisory board' (ie. he is a member of the Board of Directors and he has a financial interest in the Canadian Division of the Company that has owned the Edgewater Casino since 2006 and whose license will be flipped into the Casino Industrial Complex).

The result?

Well, it took more than two weeks for Mr. Buckley's one page letter to reach Mr. Chandra-Herbert, which is ironic in the extreme given that it took only three weeks for PavCo to choose Paragon to be it's preferred bidder on a $450 million dollar project that will change the face, not to mention the culture, of downtown Vancouver forever.


What exactly did Mr. Buckley's letter to Chandra-Herbert reveal about the 'role' of Mr. Turner in arranging said meetings?

Well, we'll tell you all about it during Mile 6 of the Marathon.....

Hopefully the fans pouring out of BailOut Motors Place after the game, drunk on either victory or cheap eight dollar beer, will not impede our progress.....



West End Bob said...

BailOutMotors Place

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Quite fitting . . . .

RossK said...

Next to the Marshmallow the BOMP is a bump.....