Thursday, April 29, 2010

RailGate's New Top 40!


Yesterday, Rod Mickleburgh, in the Globe, gave us a few of the 40 or so names that are apparently on the Special Prosecutor's potential witness list for the upcoming Basi-Virk-Basi trial.

Initially, the VSun gave us essentially nothing, but this morning they were good enough to expand CanWest stablemate Keith Fraser's original cryptogram to include a few more names.

As a result we can now add three new members to the New RailGate Top 40...


The first new member is Mr. Gary Rennick, who is the former CEO of OmniTrax, the US Railway company that hired currently scot-free promotions men Brian Keiran and Erik Bornman who are also potential witnesses for the Crown.

The second new member is Mr. Kevin Mahoney, who is the current BC Rail CEO. This means that Mr. Mahoney is now being paid handsomely by the people of British Columbia to oversee 40 km of spur line and no locomotives.

The third new member is Mr. John McLernon, who is the current BC Rail Chairman. Interestingly Mr. McLernon is also the current Chair of the BC Lotteries Corporation which, based on the post-BCLC activities of a former gambling commission Chair, has us wondering if we will soon see a call for really fantastic, not to mention super-great, Canadian Rollingstock Railway Casinos.


Below, is our current total sum knowledge of the 'New' Top 40.

Again, we publish these names here based on the understanding that they were read out, in open court, with the jury present (ie. we are assuming that they are not subject to Mdme. Justice MacKenzie's previous pre-trial publication ban).

Campbell Administration Apparatchiks
Martyn Brown
Kenneth 'The Hatman' Dobell
Brenda Eaton

Former WestCoast FedLib Rainmaker
Mark 'ChristyWho?' Marissen

Former Campbell Government Ministers
Judith Reid
Gary 'HarmonyIs(nolonger)MyName' Collins

Railway Magnates
ClaudeMongeau (CN's current Big Boss not named David)
Rob Ritchie (CP's Former Big Boss who cried wolf)
Gary Rennick (OmniTrax' former Big Boss who did not cry wolf, at least not initially)
John McLernon (BC Rail's current Chairman and the former Chair of the 'Evaluation Committee' during the BC Rail Restructuring*)
Kevin Mahoney (BC Rail's current CEO and a former 'Staff Advisor' during the BC Rail Restructuring*)

Agents of OmniTrax who some consider to be 'Free Men From Scotland'
Brian 'EnamelMan' Keiran
Eric 'SpideySense' Bornman

*Please note that the Organization Chart that describes Mess'rs McLernon's and Mahoney's roles during the Judith Reid-overseen BC Rail 'Restructuring' in 2003 was not obtained through previous pre-trial discovery....Instead it was obtained from a BC Liberal Cabinet Minister-trumpeted 'Interim Fairness Evaluation Report' that is referred to, explicitly, in Hansard in the Fall of 2003 (ie. BEFORE pre-trial proceedings began).

And why do we call it the 'New' Top 40?......
Well, we've published previous lists that, apparently, we are not allowed to tell you about....But if you wanted to type something in the search box in the top left corner of the page, no one could stop you....



BC Mary said...


Thanks a million for providing the best answer to the frequent request over at my place:

can you give us a list of Witnesses who will be called to testify at the Basi Virk trial?

RossK said...

Now have another name to add Mary....Will be up soon.....


RossK said...

Of course, as ever Mary, please feel free to paste the list in over at your place.

(and I will not be in the least perturbed if you decide to remove the parenthetical snark beside some of the names)

Frank Heyman said...

Ross, if the shrill harridan of Yapping Radio is not on the list then why did she bail so quickly from the Liberals? One wonders what was going on with hubby and ole PK? Not nice for career when hubby blows a job for 'the made man.' But then again with the right push from the right 'baggie' a job appears out of thin air. Frank

RossK said...

Interesting questions Frank--

My guess is that the rapid resignation was all based on an insulation from the blades of the Wurlitzer to limit the damage such that there could be a come back down the road...I must confess that I tried to listen this afternoon, but I couldn't stand more than 10 minutes because, in addition to the constant low-level obfuscation, I find the shallowness of the political 'insight' to be, frankly, cringe-worthy and embarassing....

Regardless, I think it's important to remember that this is Witness list of the Prosecution.

Somehow, I've got a feeling that things could get a lot more interesting when we learn of the lists from the Defenses.


Anonymous said...

I have seen it listed Omnitrax executives- would that be Pat Broe Dwight Johnson? The Denver post awhile back stated they were going to be testifying.

"Also on the list of potential witnesses are Broe and former OmniTrax president Dwight Johnson, who dined with Broe and Collins that night in 2003."