Monday, April 26, 2010

What Is Gordon Campbell's Worst Nightmare?

...It's The Recall, Stupid.


Yesterday, on Public Eye Radio's panel segment, Sheila Orr said something extremely interesting.

The so-called rabble-rousers were discussing the topic of whether or not a legitmate 'new' third provincial party could emerge in the aftermath of the anti-HST campaign

The consensus was that this was unlikely given the widely differing political and ideological views amongst the rank and file supporters of the initiative.

Which makes a whole lotta sense, I suppose, in straight-up, real-politick terms at least.

And then Sheila O. dropped the bomb.....


Esssentially Ms. Orr pointed out that what could really impact the government, right now rather than way later, is the possibility that Wee Willy V. et al. could use their lists and the the avalanche of anger that will come cascading down when the anti-HST initiative ultimately fails, to seriously target vulnaerable Liberal MLAs for recall.

All of which could lead to a revolt amongst his backbench, egged-on by a few upfront, that just might start giving Mr. Campbell the non-Stolichnaya -induced night sweats in the coming weeks and months.




Ian said...

And just think how angry those folks might be when the petition succeeds but the Liberal caucus says nah, nah, can't do anything about it. Add angry to angry and you get recall squared.

RossK said...

You really think it will succeed Ian?

Anybody have any solid numbers yet?


Kim said...

My feeling is that the answer is yes. Thepeople that sign my petition are angry and line up to sign. This has legs, mark my words.

RossK said...

Thanks Kim.

I see Mr. Bill, the other, now has a numbers summary up (Monday the 26th)...He is claiming that you all have surpassed the 10% threshold in 24% of the province's ridings.

Mr. Tieleman's post/press release is here.


Kim said...

I just read it. Put a tear in my eye, that people are finally mobilizing.

Bc Mary has some rather strange news today too. Been there?

Grant G said...

Mr. Ross K...I think you might want to read a shocking story I posted today.

Click my name, or click the blogroll for the Straight Goods..

Powell river persuader.


RossK said...

I'm off to read it now GG.



Anonymous said...

I watched the legislature, and knew the HST was in. Why do not people understand, Campbell, Hansen and the Liberal party, are the masters of dirty tactics. This was no surprise to the little guys. Do people not see, our Canadian Constitution, is ignored by, the governing officials. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have vanished. We have a dictatorship. Democracy and Freedom, is where? The M.P's in the east, are saying, Harper is a fascist, and too stubborn to work with. We have, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini, alive and well, in Canada, especially in BC. We people of BC have had a steady diet of, lies, deceit, broken promises, corruption, criminals in office, theft, dirty tactics, we have seen it all.