Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Casino Royale Re-Roofed.....The Heart Of The Matter


VSun reader Brian Parfitt gets right to the heart of the matter in his Letter to the Editor when he writes:

"....(I)t is clear that the people of British Columbia have once again been misled by the BC Liberals.

The main reason BC Place requires a new retractable roof is for the proposed casino, rather than sport. An inflatable roof requires multiple air locks for exits and entrances. The casino proposal envisions a large, open passageway connecting the casino complex and BC Place. An air lock system would be completely impractical....."

Which is a brilliant, and precise, analysis.

Again, re-capping......

We the people of British Columbia are NOT paying $500 million dollars for a roof because it is required by BC Place Stadium and it's Sports Team tenants.

Instead, we are paying half a billion dollars of our hard-earned treasure to make it possible for a Las Vegas Casino operator to flip it's license in the moribund Edgewater*, build a down market pleasure palace to rival the Circus Circus, and make a bundle in the bargain.


*A license it bought way, way, way back in 2006 with Campbell government insider T. Richard Turner and a group of yet to be identified folks behind a company with no name, only numbers.


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