Sunday, April 18, 2010

Casino Royale Running Wild....Eighth Mile Of The Marathon To Promote Paragon


Inspired by the Document Dump Friday just past, the Marathon to resurrect all that has been buried by Lotusland's lazy proMedia is now moving along nicely, thank-you very much.....

(please see sidebar for a mile-by-mile breakdown of the race to the finish line)



Fell asleep for awhile there under the awning in front of the Crossroads Building @ Broadway and Cambie...

Time to get rolling on the 8th Mile, with the coming-up of the Sun.....

But before we do, we need to return to that 2nd letter, the one from PavCo CEO Warren Buckley to Spencer Chandra-Herbert regarding the 'role' that former BC Lotteries Corporation Chairperson, current ICBC Chairperson, and Paragon Principal T. Richard Turner played in arranging meetings between other Paragon Principals and PavCo during the delicate final negotiations on the Casino Industrial Complex.


That right.

Turns out there were meetings.


To quote from the 2nd letter, you know the one that Lotusland Pro-Media has so far chosen to ignore:

"....Mr Turner was again contacted in early February with a similar request to obtain assistance in having the Principals participate in the negotions....."


Definitely no news there....move along....enjoy your Sunday Papers....

And if you want to keep one ear glued to the longwave while you read everything there is to know about nothing, Sean Holman's radio show starts here at eight.....Or, if you are off to an early morning work-out and/or perogi-eating contest , you can jump into the Pod and swim with the Orcas while you listen to shows that have already moved through Active Pass here.


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