Friday, April 16, 2010

Kash Heed's Campaign Manager Says The Mojitos Made Him Do It...



"The only information I had on that (now dismantled) Facebook page was I had mojitos up there. That's all there was - pictures of mojitos from around the world," he (Mr. Heed's formerly missing-in-action Campaign Manager, Barinder Sall) said.

I'm telling you......

If PublicEye's Sean Holman hadn't demonstrated his bonafides a thousand times over already I'd be tempted to say he just made that quote up.

As for Mr. Sall himself.....

Well, I think I'll wait for a Google-Cached screen-shot before I make any decisions about the veracity, or not, of his claim.

Oh, and here's a tidbit that, to the absolute very best of my knowledge, has never come up in any of the RailGate pre-trial hearings.... It comes, ironically enough, from Mr. Holman's vast archives, and is titled "David Basi, Mark II"?......



ib said...

Well, firstly - although it is altogether open to suggestions of sycophancy - thank you for the "pick link".

Reciprocated, I hasten to add, under 'the' on my own sidecar; a prefix which all too often gets thrown out with the bathwater. To add to the confusion.

AS you may be aware, the UK itself is poised to go to the polls this coming May. As Twitter and Facebook begin to infest channels of electioneering, so too was was the public treated to a televisual 'debate' for the first time ever in the guise of a US style presidential locking of the horns.

A strictly three horse race, it was as I expected, tantamount to watching paint dry. Although the absence of the customary jeering and applause which plagues such broadcasts was admittedly refreshing.

Brown and Cameron have all the charisma of natural born liars, with little of substance to add to a familiar recipe of choreographed bilge and rebuttal.

What was - wholly - surprising was the way in which a handpicked tv audience warmed to the third, token candidate : Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats.

A 'natural' in the tv studio, his promise to roast those fuckers in the banking industry reponsible for government intervention and massive injections from the public purse was expectedly popular.

Less expected was his persistence in presenting policies of seeming substance with regard to education; the NHS; and a a long overdue overhaul of MOD strategy and implementation.

In short, he was the only one out the gang of three who deviated from the script long enough to engage a brain cell or two.

Brown, in particular, resembled Richard Milhous Nixon. Right down to the perspiration and licking of the the lips.

Less than twenty minutes after the studio lights dimmed, Twitter was prematurely squawking about an imminent landslide. Or so I am told. I refuse to engage in it.

In fact, I am loathe to engage in commentary on the whole situation on my own site.

Make of that what you will.

I woke up this morning with the Velvet Underground's "I Can't Stand It" ringing in my ears.

What has this got to do with Kash Heed and mojitos ?, I hear you ask. In truth, I have not a clue.

Norm Farrell said...

Nice report from the motherland. I usually get British political news from BBC4's hard hitting commentators at the Now Show. People like Punt, Dennis, Brigstock and a tiny guy named Jon.

Look it up people. It is worth hearing regularly.

RossK said...


You lying b*stard!

Because there is no way in heckfire that you could possibly know anything about the endless mutterings of the nattering neighbobs of TwitVille unless you, yourself, first waited for your man and then, after the deal was done, gingerly dipped yourself down into it.....

Just this once.



And beware that horse that comes up through the middle of the always-staged, even when it seems like it's not, TeeVee Pack Of Hyenas.




RossK said...


If you enjoyed Mr. Beer 'N Hockey's stuff, you will really enjoy the offerings of Mr. ib's shots from the Bleachers.

And his playlists are all killer and absolutely no filler.



ib said...

Well, alright. Uke Skywalker and Tuba Fett get my vote. Excellent shit.

Oh, I'm frequently bewildered. No question.

Most of the time I pay it no heed.

As for the politicking back here in the old country; ever since New Labour wrestled control from Foot and Benn there is so little dividing red from blue, I sometimes wonder if I am colurblind.

Putting an 'X' in the box has never been so much of a lottery.

Clegg might just have muddied the water sufficiently with his unique slant on method acting that it could evolve into a three legged race for real.

As I mentioned in my reply to your Ubu comment, the gangrene is now so advanced it probably scarcely matters. Might as well sink a mojito myself and continue to soak.

RossK said...


Sinking mojitos may, indeed, be the only currently viable option.