Friday, April 16, 2010

OMG! OMG! OMG!....Kelly Kapoor Loves VanCity!.... For Money!


Well, whaddy'a know.

Bob Mackin, writing in 24 Hours, lets us know that the government of The Great Manager, Mr. Gordon Campbell, coughed-up more than $17 million dollars of our money, at least in part, to entice NBC to insert a snippet of dialogue about Lotusland into an episode of their almost-hit TeeVee show "The Office" during the Olympics just past.

Which is all fine and good as far as it goes I suppose.


How world class can we really be given that, not long ago, Winnipeg got an entire freaking episode?

And just how much did that One Great City have to pay for their entire day in the sun anyway?

I actually remember that line in that episode....Essentially, Steve Carrell's character calls up a Vancouver hotel to cancel a reservation during The Circus....At the time I actually figured that NBC was just shilling for its own coverage...I mean, imagine making a sweetheart deal/kickback wherein you get paid to pimp your own programming....Sheesh....No wonder Brian Williams, US American version, loved us so much in the end.....
Original Link Source to the Mackin story.....FABula.



Tony Martinson said...

And yet, even with $17 million of our dollars, NBC still managed to lose money on the Yo!lympics. I thought capitalists would be better at, you know, capitalism.

RossK said...



(great point)


West End Bob said...

Jeeezzzz - For that much money, they could have at least demanded the exposure on "30 Rock" or "SNL" fer cryin' out loud . . . .

RossK said...

I dunno Bob--

I was holding out for our insertion into re-runs of 'Alf'.

After all the resemblance to the Great Manager is really quite striking.