Saturday, April 17, 2010

Casino Royale Running Wild....Marathon To Promote Paragon, Mile 4


Inspired by the Document Dump Friday just past, which appears to have been designed to bury all pro-Media stories about Paragon Gaming Inc., the Marathon to resurrect the buried, at least until Monday, is underway.....

(see sidebar for a mile-by-mile breakdown of the race to the finish line)


It's Mile 4 and we're starting to settle into a groove while we lope along concentrating on that second letter that the Opposition's Spencer Chandra-Herbert received recently from PavCo.

Unlike the first letter to Chandra-Herbert from the Lobbyist Registrar, the second letter has essentially gone unreported in Lotusland's proMedia.

Luckily, PublicEye's Sean Holman was good enough to post it up for those of us who wish to know what is actually going in this province:
(click to enlarge)

Background and analysis coming soon

During Mile 5.....

Which we should hit as we pass by BailoutMotors Place des (non)Arts during the 1st period intermission of tonight's Kings-Canuckleheads game deux....



Norm Farrell said...

Buckley has been well rewarded for someone who guided the new convention centre to a small cost overrun of near half a billion dollars. With his management track record, he'd better be loyal to the masters or his $10,000 a week booty could go away.

Strange though, why could not the owner's representatives tell the owners that Pavco wanted to speak to the owners. Normally representatives carry the messages to the people they represent.

Liberal lies have grown so commonplace that they grow ever more absurd and the liars don't even realize the absurdity; they have grown so used to manipulating truth, it feels normal.

RossK said...


I agree Norman.

Which is just one more reason that, given that Mr. Podmore at least, if not Mr. Buckley, must have known that Mr. Turner himself was a 'Principal' I can only wonder if there may have been an other and/or additional reason that Mr. Podmore himself did the contacting.


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