Friday, April 30, 2010

What Is The Difference Between Premier Gordon Campbell And The Governor Of Alabama?


In 2002 during his first successful run for Governor of the state of Alabama, Bob Riley, who has since become a hater of electronic bingo machines, received a $10,000 donation from a very fine fellow named William Cobb 'Chip' Hazelrig.

A short time later it was revealed that Mr. Hazelrig was a founding investor, in the year 2000, in a company has since gone on to build Casinos on Native American/First Nations Reserves in both the United States and Canada.

As a result, Mr. Riley returned Mr. Hazelrig's money.


In 2009 during his second successful run for Premier of the Province of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell and his Liberal Party of B.C. received a $50,000 donation from a very fine fellow named T. Richard Turner.

As we all now know Mr. Turner has been an investor, since 2003, in a company that has built Casinos on First Nations reserves in Alberta and, due to a very recent decision by the Campbell government, will soon be building a Casino on Crownland smack dab in the middle of downtown Lotusland.

Of course, as a result of the revelations regarding Mr. Turner's investments, Mr. Campbell and his Party returned Mr. Turner's donation.

Say what?

They didn't?

How come?

Could it have anything to do with the fact that the puffed-up proPunditry 'round here told him he didn't have to?


Oh, and for the record, the company that the good Mr. Hazelrig and Mr. Turner both invested in is named, surprise!, Paragon.
Next up during Mile 15 of the Marathon.....The story of another, not completely 'unrelated', early investor in Paragon.....



G West said...

The difference is, the Governor of Alabama appears to have a conscience; Mr Campbell - except where it has something to do with his person, his family(ies) or his friends - has NONE.

Ian said...

On the road but having fun following this, Basi-Virk and HST. Loved the elections BC story yesterday: The chief deficit and HST liar files complaint about petition information. Irony, hyprocrisy - mere words can't describe it.

G West said...

Just wondering if you have contacted someone at CBC Radio about this - surely 'someone' must have the necessary gumption to cove the story from top to bottom.

RossK said...


The good Governor and Associates are not all they seem....

More to come.


RossK said...

Hope that is a good road Ian.


Anonymous said...

A little comparison -

I'm reviewing Coppola's Godfather series and just listened to the director's comments for Godfather Part II.

You remember - the godfather is negotiating a deal with the Cuban dictatorship on the eve of the revolution and Batista steps down and leaves the country. The images show people smashing slot machines in the street, as the elite rush the docks to escape the island...

Coppola's comments rang loud and clear - he says "it was important to the people to destroy the slot machines because they were the instruments of these gangsters who had taken over their city."

Coppola also refers to American corporate investment in Cuba before the revolution - "leaders of many companies came to do business ... symbolic of how American capitalism, including the gangsters, had zeroed in on Cuba and were really owning and operating it."

I haven't yet heard Campbell's gov't, nor Harper's gov't, referred to as "gangsters" but with all the recent activities I think it's coming...