Saturday, April 17, 2010

Casino Royale Running Wild....The Marathon To Promote Paragon, Mile 2


Inspired by the most recent Document Dump Friday just past, which appears to have been designed to bury all pro-Media stories about the Purveyor of the Pleasure Palace, Paragon Gaming Inc. , the Marathon to do exactly the opposite has begun.....
(see sidebar for a mile-by-mile breakdown of the race to Monday's finish line)

During Mile 1 of the Marathon we established a number of the non-reasons why Mr. Paul Fraser, the Province's erstwhile Lobbyist Registrar will NOT further investigate the Paragon Director's potential act of alleged lobbying for his company's proposed pleasure palace.....


What is the actual reason?

Well, according to Mr. Fraser, in his letter to Mr. Spencer Chandra-Herbert of the NDP, dated yesterday, it is because he can't investigate anything done by anybody who had not, in point-of-fact, registered as a Lobbyist before April Fool's Day 2010.

In other words, because Mr. Turner had not registered before that date he is free and clear, no matter what he did, or did not, do......

Or some such codswallop (see below/click to expand and note, in particular, the passages outlined in red).



BC Mary said...

Comedy Hour in the comfortable offices of the Registrar of Lobbyists (or not) for the Province of British Columbia ...

RossK, is there an antidote for the rash caused by these people when they release their hot toxic breath in a rush of obfuscation ... ?

Eat lotsa garlic, OK? And soldier on ... in this necessary work.

Over at my place, thanks for your helping words as we confront the anomaly of a Supreme Court system which (a) announces its April 15 Pre-Trial Conference in the Basi-Virk trial, and then (b) slams the courtroom doors in the faces of anyone arriving thinking they'd sit in the public gallery.

If everything becomes secret, or hidden, or banned, or "not my mandate", do you think we might all just disappear? Seriously. It's getting to be so unreal.

Blessings upon you, for sprinting as fast as you can, to get out in front of the non-existent proMedia pack ... courage!

RossK said...


Is there an antidote?

I don't know for absolute sure, but...

It would seem to me that, historically, the commission of acts of obfuscation, with malice aforethougt, that are designed to fool a mollified nation only stop when the people of said nation finally start calling the codswallop what it really is.

And in my opinion this specific set of serial obfuscations was most definitely not lobbying.