Saturday, April 17, 2010

Casino Royale Running Wild....Marathon To Promote Paragon, Mile 6


Inspired by the Document Dump Friday just past, the Marathon to resurrect the all that has been buried by Lotusland's lazy proMedia is now underway.....

(please see sidebar for a mile-by-mile breakdown of the race to the finish line)


It's Mile Six of the Marathon, and we are doing our best to pass by the dejected punters pouring forth from BailOut Motors Place without incident as we saunter down Smithe thinking about that 2nd T. Richard Turner Letter.....

That's the one that PavCo's CEO, Warren Buckley wrote and sent to the Opposition's Mr. Spencer Chandra-Herbert that has gone unreported in essentially all of Lotusland's proMedia outlets, with the exception of PublicEye Online:

The following is just one key passage from said second letter:

"....In early January 2010, the negotiations between lawyers and owner's representatives reached a point where further progress could only be achieved by having the Paragon Principals participate to a greater degree. It was in this regard that BC Pavilion contacted Mr. Turner to see if he could faciliate that meeting....."

Three things:

1) Mr. Turner himself is himself a Principal in Paragon, both as a Director and as a financial investor. If Mr. Buckley is not aware of this fact (ie. Mr. Buckley misspoke in this regard in a similar, more explicit, fashion when he first spoke to Sean Holman about this matter more than two weeks ago) he is either clueless about the company that he has just done a huge deal with or, alternatively, he is being obfuscatory in the extreme.

2) Why couldn't PavCo get Paragon to pay attention in January 2010, more than six MONTHS after the former had chosen the latter to be it's preferred bidder to build the Casino Industrial Complex in a process that took only six WEEKs from start to finish? Is it posible that the latter thought that things were already a done deal?

3) Strangely, the actual person from PavCo whom Mr. Buckley previously said had contacted Mr. T. Richard Turner about arranging this meeting was not named in the letter. Who was that person? Well, according to what Mr. Buckley said, but did not write, it was PavCo's chairperson Mr. David Podmore. Which means that, if it did indeed happen, that one Gordon Campbell-appointed Chair of a government-controlled Crown Corporation (ie. PavCo) called the another Campbell-appointed Chair of a government-controlled Crown Corporation (ICBC) and asked that 2nd Chair to help grease the wheels for a deal that could, if all goes according to plan make him very, very rich indeed.

Next up....It's Mile Seven, in which we will be crossing the Cambie Street Bridge and heading back towards Vancouver City Hall, a place where Paragon first made its pitch to become the owner of a Lotusland Pleasure Palace almost four years ago....


Laila Yuile said...

You ( and of course Sean)deserve an award for this RossK. Does the stench never end? No investigation into lobbying allegations, I read today.

Business as usual in the Ledge?

Seems to be.

Keep on it.

Ian said...

Laila, see any parallels to a case before the courts?

Liberal government hands a project to major contributor and long time bagman's company, sets up alternative 'process' to obscure the deal.

Those crime procedurals I never watch call it an 'MO' I think.
Good work RossK laying it out.

RossK said...

Thanks all....startin' to wear down as of this writing (workin' on Mile 12)....

As for that laggard Mr. Holman?

Well, he probably figures that, given that he ran his little radio show this morning, that he's entitled to a Sunday afternoon off....

Or some such thing.


RossK said...

smiley face would have been attached to that last comment above if I didn't hate them so....