Friday, April 09, 2010

The Casino Royale's Resurrection Shuffle....The Ghost Of Smilin' Sammy



I was sniffing around PavCo's publically available documents and I stumbled across something interesting.

Which is, as is stated in PavCo's Capital Project Plan of Dec 27th, 2008, the fact that....

"The City of Vancouver approved the Official Development Plan (ODP) for a Gross Buildable Area of 1,400,000 square feet in Oct 2008"

Three things....

1) Oct 2008 means that the megalopolis was approved by Smilin' Sammy Sullivan and his Merry Band of Sycophants during the last days of their Reign of Errors, not by Gregor and the Visionistas, which may, at least in part, explain why the crickets are chirping on this issue over at the Spamaloteers' House of Horrible Horrors.

2) 1.4 million buildable square feet means that, after T. Richard Turner and friends are done with their 1.1 million for the Pleasure Palace and Twin Towers, there is, at least potentially, still up to 300,000 square feet of prime downtown Vancouver developable real estate floating around*.

3) And here's something I haven't quite figured out yet.....Was there any mention of a Casino in that ODP ammendment? (stay tuned on that one, have the pdf's on the thumb drive right now for light Friday night reading)

*Perhaps, true to form and past performance, to be used as a consolation prize for some lucky winner?.....Like, maybe for an unsuccessful 2nd bidder for example?
PavCo's patronizingly pablumized project plan document can be found here (careful, pdf).


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