Thursday, April 01, 2010

Casino Royale Limited Hangout: Krueger Now Says He Already Knew That Paragon Wanted A Retractable Roof!


And that this was before he, Minister Krueger, received a call from current ICBC Chair, and former BC Lottery Corporation Chair and current Paragon Director T. Richard Turner informing him that there might very well be no deal without the roof.

Sean Holman has that story too - He really is banging CanWest's and CTVRDSTSNCHUMGlobeMedia's gong on this one isn't he?



Does this mean that we the people of British Columbia are paying for the roof to make a private Casino company from Las Vegas happy?

Mr. Holman's latest includes another of his patented YouTube videos.....See if you can identify the 'other' reporter's voice asking questions of Minister Hung Out-To-Dry.......Ha!


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