Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Long Division Project: How Many Social Safety Nets Can You Shred Under One Stadium Roof?


The Answer: $450 million roof for semi-pro soccer players divided by $25 million per year cut from our provinces poor = Eighteen.


Yes, that's right.

That stupid new skin for the top of the giant Marshmallow, which just may have been a quid pro quo for the Casino Industrial Complex to come, is costing us at least eighteen years of the latest cuts to British Columbia's social safety net, all being brought to you by wonderfully newly coiffed Minister of (anti-)Social Development, Mr. Rich Coleman.

Jonathan Fowlie, writing in the VSun, had the story. Here's his lede:

VICTORIA (Mar30/10) — Many of British Columbia's most vulnerable citizens will see significant changes to their social safety net beginning Thursday as the provincial government moves to cut millions from what it hands out in income assistance.

From a reduction in dental visits to a cancellation of the province's minimum shelter allowance, the government hopes to save $25 million over the next two years through the reductions — something it says needs to be done in light of a recent explosion in demand for income assistance.....

Have we lost our minds?


Just our souls?

Or both.

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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

All a part of of Campbell's gradualist Master Plan to kill the poor. Social Creditism at its most charming. Bill Bennett must be smiling like a stoned cat.

RossK said...

Honestly Beer - when I read something like this after learning that the cost of the roof had to be inflated to ensure that it would make the Vegas Boys happy so that we could give away our land and our treasure to them (and their friends and uncles), I really did begin to despair knowing that it is the poorest amongst us that are going to pay most for this crap.