Friday, April 09, 2010

Casino Royale..... Lob-O-Rama-Llama-Ding-Dong


While it is not, in my opinion, the way to go given that the evidence uncovered so far suggests something very, very different, the Opposition's Spencer Chandra-Herbert has managed to prod the Lobbying registrar into some kind of action:

"B.C.'s registrar of lobbyists has opened a file on the activities of the chair of the Insurance Corporation of B.C., T. Richard Turner, in connection with the major casino development project planned for downtown Vancouver, CBC News has learned......"

I guess there is a bit of upside here in that it is trivial, shiny stuff like this, unfortunately, that actually gets the lazy division of the local proMedia to pay attention.



West End Bob said...

The longer Spencer's in office, the more I am impressed with him. Wish his party had a Leader I could say the same thing about . . . .

RossK said...

Agreed that he's doing a good job Bob.

Just not sure this is the right way to go...Heckfire, already Mr. Krueger is using the fact that the matter is before the Registrar as an excuse not to answer questions.