Wednesday, April 28, 2010

RailGate Run Around.....Say What?....We've Got A Trial Goin' Down!


Just in case you missed the extremely cryptic Suggest-O-Grams from all the usual proMedia suspects, the BasiVirkBasi RailGate Trial began today.

You want a real eyewitness report with actual context that matters?

Robin Mathews, by way of our good friend Mary, has the story. Here's his lede.

Courtroom 55 was packed today, standing room only - probably about 160 people, present for the process of jury selection. The three accused in the case Dave Basi, Bobby Virk, and Aneal Basi were present and replied clearly "Not Guilty" as the charges were read by the court clerk.

With the presentation of charges and the response of the accused, their counsel standing close by, the trial - so long awaited - in the BC Rail Scandal ... began... in fact.

Associate Chief Justice Madam Anne MacKenzie counselled the assembled potential jurors that the trial is estimated (roughly) to last six weeks ... but might run a few more. Is is presently scheduled to begin May 17. Since the date has been changed countless times over the more than three years of pre-trial hearings, the beginning date may, of course, change again.

Associate Chief Justice MacKenzie, elevated to that position only days ago, appears to be ready to continue with the trial. Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett - upon being raised to the Appeals Court after nearly three years of pre-trial presidence - was removed or removed herself last Fall from the BC Rail Scandal case. Today - in the court lists - Justice Bennett was presiding at a Supreme Court (not an Appeals Court) procedure.....

Now I finally understand what all the PAB-assisted attempts to change the channel have been all about the last couple of days....After all, new rules on skid-lids are way, way more important to the average British Columbian than this.....Right?



BC Mary said...

Thanks, RossK, for carrying the news forward.

Barest outlines of the jury chosen for the BC Rail trial appeared in CanWest media today ... not detailed at all.

Then I found an eastern publisher with a Canadian Press story (basically the same one that CanWest had used) but with its details intact. An amazing bunch of detail, i.e., the jury has been selected: 5 women, 7 men ... and a list of 44 witnesses was read to them,

including Gary Collins (BC Minister of Finance during the sale of BC Rail) and Judith Reid (Minister of Transportation during the sale of BC Rail),

and how nice it is to see genuine, realistic BC Rail details beginning to come forward.

That unedited Canadian Press story is up on the screen at my place right now:

P.S. I thought Gordo's eloquent promotion of new legislation against Drunk Driving was especially touching (and distracting), didn't you?

RossK said...

Thanks Mary--

I did indeed find it distracting.

But touching?

Not so much.