Tuesday, September 04, 2012

13 And 19 Years Ago...

...I Fell In Love With My Two E Girls, And They Stole My Heart.

Awhile back I mentioned that once tiny, now Bigger, E. is off to Montreal for school.

But what I didn't mention is that today, littler e., who is getting pretty darned big herself these days, is off to high school.

Which means that the Three Buskateers will be on hiatus for a bit.


That doesn't mean that Rosie (the Whackadoodle) and me will stop butchering other folk's songs for the duration.

So, without further ado, here is a word and music-based mangling of that tune that Mr. Hansard doesn't want to be famous for....

(although, somehow, I don't think he'd mind this version too much)

Image at the top of the post is from one of our first 'Three Buskateer' sessions ever...It was up at the top of Q&E Park...Rosie and I went up there on our own, for old times sake, this past Saturday Night...There was a full moon rising...We did Harvest Moon...And a couple of young kids hanging out by the lights of the fountain dug it...Amazing that a little thing like that is really all it takes, you know...
Want the original 'Hoover Sucker Fixer Guy' tune?....Here it is....Oh, and Mr. Hansard himself will be in town in a month or so...



West End Bob said...

Aww, you and the Whackadoodle won't have to wait too long for winter break, RossK . . . .

Danneau said...

Sang with Joshua at the Lawson Family Barbecue, though it was all acoustic and I fear Joshua's voice got somewhat lost in the mix. He dropped by the previous week for a brush-up pre-performance for parents and sister, and declared that he wanted his grandpa to give him guitar lessons, engendering horrified uptakes of breath from mother and father. So he'll study violin and I hope we get to the stage where we can hang out on a corner one day and follow in the footsteps of E,e, RK and the whack doodle. Thanks for all you do.

karen said...

Just sent my own baby goat off to the very far other end of the country, and this made me cry. In a good way. Thanks.

paul said...

Very nice. Made me think I better call my guys, in Vancouver and Gainesville, F-l-a.

RossK said...


Sure won't...Heckfire, I'm already thinking about putting up the Christmas lights just to speed things up.


Parks and beaches are good too! (in some ways better for amateurs like me - E., however, could get folks to drop real money in her Uke case singing in a phone booth...Wait a second...Are there still any of those around?


There is no crying in cross-country, post-secondary child delivery!

(well maybe a little)


Gainesville? - Hey! Can't you pretty much swim there, with a little overland trekking at both ends, from where you are?

(and if you get tired, you could always stop off at the tip of Cuba for a wee rest)