Thursday, September 20, 2012

All Hail The Lotuslandian Media Herd


I found it very curious that suddenly, everywhere, the local media was jumping all over that ridiculous quote from Christy Clark about how she hates working in the legislative trenches in Victoria.

For all kinds of reasons, including the fact that she has said the opposite many times in the past which, in my opinion, means it was just another variation on her ongoing, but now failing, pretend-populist grift.

But, regardless, what really got me rubbing my chin was the timing of the recent stampeding of the media herd.

Because the original quote was actually buried deep beneath the lede in a piece from the NaPo's Bruce Hutchinson that was published weeks ago.

And we commented on it then in the wake of the total silence from the nattering nabobs who uttered nary a word at the time.

All of which has me wondering, especially given the rapid response follow-up from a whole lotta Dippers in all kinds of media, including the Twit machine....

Is there a not-so surreptitious, double-secret probation anti-smear site oppo-research-driven campaign going down that is actually able to turn the herd?

And one can only assume that the Dean is safely back on dry land now that the extended three hour cruise is over...



Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Christy pull a Campbell? He used to open Legislature once in a while, and then bugger off out of the country, leaving the dirty work for his ministers. Or perhaps pull a Harper and prorogue Legislature, to work on her non existent budget changes too. Harper needed to urgently work on his budget, when the questions on the torture of the detainee's, needed to be answered. Strangely, Harper didn't change one damned thing in that budget.

RossK said...


Interesting point.


This is not 2005, or even 2009.

As such, if Ms. Clark were to disappear during a legislativesession which loyal capos would be left to mind the store.

The cookie man?